7 Benefits of Social Media for Growing Your Client’s Business Faster in 2023

You are currently viewing 7 Benefits of Social Media for Growing Your Client’s Business Faster in 2023
7 Benefits of Social Media for Growing Your Client's Business Faster in 2023

People use social media for various reasons. Whether it’s to remember an acquaintance’s birthday, share pictures with friends and family, or update people about recent life events, social media is the perfect tool that lets people do this.

However, social media is also an excellent way for companies to reach a broader audience, helping them grow their business quickly. Not only that, but many E-commerce and modern businesses started today with just a social media profile. Eventually, they acquired enough customers to become profitable businesses with multiple employees.

Research shows that over 4.7 billion people use social media. This figure shows that social media has an in-built audience for marketers to target. In addition, statistics indicate that social media is one of the most effective ways businesses acquire new customers.

7 Benefits of Social Media for Growing Your Client’s Business Faster in 2023

Social Media for Growing Your Client's Business
Social Media for Growing Your Client’s Business

Reach a broader audience

As previously mentioned, over half the world’s population is already on social media platforms. Some platforms like Facebook and Instagram have over a billion monthly active users. Then there are also TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and other websites with hundreds of millions of daily active users.

These platforms have a built-in audience, which your agency can target via marketing and advertising strategies to help your client’s business grow. It’s also important to remember that different platforms have different demographics—for example, TikTok is geared toward younger users between 13 and 30. Meanwhile, Facebook has a slightly older user base. Research shows nearly 50 percent of its users are between 25 to 44.

Find your client’s target market.

Social media channels also let your agency find your client’s target audience. These platforms already have considerable user information that they give advertisers, allowing them to create targeted advertisements. This data includes users’ gender, location, and age. In addition, it also includes more comprehensive information like interests and behavioral data.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok offer multiple advertising options. For instance, advanced targeting options allow your agency to target people who might have interacted with your client’s profile. You can create a customized audience list, which includes people who have interacted with your client’s profile or visited their office.

You can also select specific users that meet your client’s target audience and use their profiles to create lookalike audiences. The social media platform’s algorithm will handle the rest, finding people with similar characteristics or interests to the selected profiles.

Grow organically

Most marketers think they must spend significant sums on social media advertising to get results, but that’s not necessarily true. Your agency can leverage the power of social media while keeping its ad spending low.

Many marketers have used social media to generate traffic without spending anything on paid ads. Getting organic traffic through social media isn’t easy, but it’s possible with the right strategy and approach.

If your agency’s struggling to get organic traffic, consider getting white-label social media marketing and management services from Rocket Driver. The white-label industry leader can help your agency obtain organic traffic without spending a dime on paid advertisements.

Establish industry authority

Social media is also an excellent tool for establishing industry authority. You can create compelling, bite-sized content for clients. Creating and posting these as often as possible can help your client establish industry authority because regular content will increase their trustworthiness and reliability, cementing them as an industry authority.

Drive website traffic

Social media is also an excellent way to drive website traffic. You can obtain significant traffic by leveraging social media to promote your client’s website or landing page.

One way to drive website traffic is by offering lead magnets to potential customers on social media platforms. For example, you’ll often see businesses offer free E-books or ask them to subscribe to their emailing list for helpful content on their social media pages. These are lead magnets that attract people.

Increase conversions

Conversions matter for businesses, and social media helps companies improve conversions considerably. For example, most social media users follow a brand’s pages before purchasing from them. That’s because they want to ensure the brand is trustworthy and reliable.

Regular content creation can also help your client attain more customers. In addition, your agency can use social media retargeting strategies to convert customers who might be following your client’s page for a while.

Offer better customer service.

Social media is also an excellent way to offer better customer service to consumers. The days of consumers staying on phone calls waiting to speak to a customer service representative are long gone. Today, consumers want their problems solved immediately. Social media channels allow your client to grow quickly by offering better customer service to consumers. They can use direct messages to address and assuage consumers’ concerns.

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