6 Ways To Boost A PC’s Gaming Performance

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A gaming PC is a beastly machine that works fast to provide the mighty performance that every gamer needs. But, machines can’t escape the inevitable slowing-down process because there is a time when a machine becomes slow and starts to glitch frequently. Therefore PCs have a way of telling their users through certain signs that something is off.

The PC becomes slow and starts to flicker, the screen starts to blur, and sudden freezing, etc. are such signs that can make everyone crazy, but there is a way that all of this can go away, and you can use the 6 ways explained below to help you get rid of them once and for all. Take a look!

6 Ways To Boost A PC’s Gaming Performance

Following are the 6 best ways to boost a PC’s gaming performance so that you won’t have to face these horrible signs ever again.

  1. Add more RAM to your PC

This is the most obvious way to boost a PC’s gaming performance because when you run high-end games or even programs, the PC will definitely slow down without any question. So what you need to do is that you need to add more RAM to make the programs run smoothly.

For example, if you are running a game and your PC, equipped with 8GB of RAM, starts to lag, you need to upgrade it to 16GB or higher. It will enable you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without any bogging down.

Moreover, the PC’s speed will be faster when processing the data, and you can run high-end games at high FPS with complete ease. And you won’t be facing any of the major issues like lagging or glitching and freezing. So you will be free to play the games with high HD resolution without any obstacles.

  1. Upgrade its storage disk

This is also one way to boost up the PC’s performance because storage is also a big problem when gaming if your machine is constantly running out of space or if your PC is equipped with a hard disk drive. Right now, many developments have been done to provide the PC’s users the best performance, so instead of an HDD, you should install an SSD which will work way faster than an HDD.

Plus, you will be able to access files more rapidly, and you will be able to store large gaming files, which you were unable to do before. Also, the SSD will help you in playing highly demanding and powerful games without zero glitches and keep on storing large amounts of data from the gaming files on your PC. You can retrieve it whenever you like quite comfortably.

  1. Delete unnecessary files

We often tend to never look at any of the files stored in the PC, and that bulky, unnecessary data is no good and keeps making the PC’s speed slower. So take out some time to sort your important data and save it in a separate folder and then delete the files that may seem unnecessary.

For example, many PCs come with many programs that you don’t need or might not want, but these programs are there because it is somehow a package deal. Just like when you buy a smartphone, you are equipped with various unwanted applications. The same is the case with the PC, and it is filled with unnecessary data which you need to delete. When you delete the unnecessary files, you will see a sudden boost in your PC’s performance.

  1. Upgrade its cooling system

This is the most important thing you can do for your system so that it never gives you that sloth-like performance and always provides you the performance that was meant to be provided in the first place. Because if you have a cooling system that is not powerful or efficient enough to cool the system, it is sure that the system will be filled with hot air. You can’t imagine how disastrous it is for the other components like the processor, RAM, and storage.

To counteract the heat and blow out that horrendous hot air, you need to have the best cooling system to do the job efficiently and most effectively without any hindrance. The decision is entirely yours whether you go for air or liquid cooling, but make sure you upgrade otherwise; when the components get really hot, they tend to minimize their performance. When they are cooled properly with a remarkable cooling system, they run faster and provide robust performance to the user.

  1. Clear your browsing history

 This is also one of the major factors neglected quite frequently because when we keep tabs on the latest games and want to know how to play the game better or search for the walkthroughs or cheats. Still, the browsing history keeps on piling up and taking up space, and then it turns the performance to the lowest possible, and you have to wait a certain amount of time for the page to load up, and that wait seems to last like forever.

So, what you should do at the end of the day when you are about to turn off the system is make sure that you clear the browsing history so the added burden will be erased and the performance will go up. Just try it!

  1. Clean out the dust

 This is also the biggest factor that causes a hindrance in the performance, making its components work slow like a sloth. You need to make sure that you clean up your PC inside out very carefully without damaging the wires inside. However, all the components are compiled within a case, which often doesn’t stop the dust from sticking to the components.

That is why you need to clean the dust particles and often the main area where dust gets stuck and destroys the cooling fan that the PC has. When the dust builds up on the fans, they tend to run slow, which creates the overheating problem, which is inevitable when you don’t clean. Therefore clean the dust-up, and the PC components will run at their best speed and won’t slow down the machine.


To summarize, if you are facing any of the lagging, glitching, or freezing of the screen and your PC’s performance is suddenly at its worst level, you now have 6 solutions to try out and make the performance of the PC boost up so that you play your heart out without any worry. Check out gamingverge.com for great PCs if you’re looking for a replacement!

6 Ways To Boost A PC’s Gaming Performance

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