6 Ways Integrated Web Forms can Benefit your Business
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6 Ways Integrated Web Forms can Benefit your Business

Collect better data and generate more leads with integrated web forms 

Internet connectivity has exposed light to every dark corner of the world. This increased online accessibility has meant the collection and analysis of market research data have soared. Any online form is an application for something, an event sign-up, or even a subscription. Here we take an in-depth look at why the ability to capture data is essential for many organizations.

An online form can gather a wide range of data for multiple purposes; they are part of everyday life! For example, a form might be used for a personal application or to take customer details for an account setup. In addition, online forms provide an easy-to-implement, secure solution to gather the data you need consistently and automatedly.

With the right online form Backend Solution, you can quickly add as much as filed and functionality that will capture and store data instantly. User-friendly, clear, and easy to use, backend form solutions mean you can move to a paperless environment in a few easy steps.

Top reasons to create a form and use it with another form backend solution

Simple to build – 6 Ways Integrated Web Forms can Benefit your Business

An online form backend platform provides an intuitive, secure, and straightforward way to capture data that can be scalable to suit teams of all sizes. These tools allow the user to use a range of fields to collect whatever data is needed, whether with single, multiple, or matrix text boxes. There might also be the need to upload rich media files, such as images and videos, into the forms or allow respondents to upload documents (such as a CV) or identification. Once your form is created, you don’t need to think about color, design, and other elements, such as Headlessforms inherit your website’s CSS, giving your forms a custom-branded look.

Forms can be built and customized for various functions, including registration of new customers, reservations for an event, pricing requests or secure orders, and even short customer surveys. Headlessforms is an effective form backend management tool that will usually provide you with various distribution options and integrations.

Reasons to Start Using an Online Form

1. Save money on integration and reduce manual work

One of the biggest benefits of Headlessforms is that they’re seamlessly integrated with your CRM system with Zapier.

You don’t have to use different types of apps and external software to capture information.

2. Affordable and repeatable

Different ways of collecting feedback from users lie in their price points. In other words, Headlessforms is affordable, easy to repeat over time, and doesn’t require many resources to produce quality results. 

3. Automate your lead nurturing activities

headless forms have also been designed considering marketing people in mind; you can add team members so they can help you cast your marketing net wider and catch leads better.

Headlessforms allow you to collect names and email addresses and set your CRM system up with each submission using Integrations with Zapier.

4. Evergreen Data Collection

The data you collect through your web forms will never age regarding your relationship with the customer base. As such, data can be analyzed for an upcoming campaign or pulled up months or years down the line for reference and further study. 

This makes Headlessforms extremely useful even if you don’t have a concrete goal and a set of questions for your audience at this moment. You can keep the data and use it later.

5. simplified data approach and workflows

Your marketing team is always interested in sending the right content to the right people. one form endpoint can be used over many campaigns, websites, Landing pages, and so on… they can be integrated everywhere. It makes it easy to have a streamlined data collection procedure; Headlessforms is the best platform to access your centralized data collection easily. You can include or assign your marketing team member to decide what type of information they want to receive from you based on the data received.

This lets your marketing team know exactly how to target leads and send only relevant information. So, if they are looking for sales-related information and have no interest in customer service stories, then you won’t clutter their emails with irrelevant and often annoying stuff.

6. Collect GDPR-related consent

And finally, the hottest topic of the year – the new EU General Data Protection Regulation law, which affects all businesses that work with EU citizens’ data.

In line with the GDPR requirements, you must document any consents you obtain regarding lawfully storing personal data and sending e-marketing messages.

Headlessforms offer an easier and more trusted way to obtain and store consent in your CRM solution!

This way, you can rest assured that the consent information you have obtained is securely documented and correct.

6 Ways Integrated Web Forms can Benefit your Business

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