6 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Rankings

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6 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Gone are the days when customers wander streets looking for what you offer. Nowadays, customers look for reliable products and services near them and want quick answers online.

With evolving technology, if you are feeling left behind, the key is to include a Local SEO strategy in your marketing plan to improve your search engine visibility. Best practices of local SEO revolve around on-page optimization for location-specific queries and setting up Google My Business (GMB) profile.

This guide will provide you with local SEO solutions that can help increase your ranking on SERP and lead customers right to your door.

6 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Every business can claim a free Google Business Profile, which refers to a local listing with information about your business. Once you claim it, the information you include in your business profile will appear in Google’s web search results and Google Maps.

You can claim your profile via Google My Business; here’s how:

    • Go to Google My Business
    • Tap Manage Now
    • Sign in to your Google Account
    • Search for the business name
    • Select the right business
    • Click Manage Now

Crucial optimizations you should make to keep things simple:

    • Choose the right business type
    • Choose the right business category
    • Add business hours
    • Add photos
    • Add your website

Conduct Local Keyword Research

Let’s face the fact that people are certainly searching for what you offer in different ways. Therefore, performing keyword research to broaden your scope and reach out to prospective buyers at the right time is ideal.

However, that’s not a big deal because people usually look for things in the same way from city to city. Therefore, you can use various keyword research tools to determine local search volumes and create a solid marketing strategy.

Get Local Citations and Links

Local citations mention your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). They can help people locate your business on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and other online sources such as Google Maps and any specific directories. It is worth paying attention to industry or location-specific citations to feed data to many sites and drive qualified leads without extra work.

Optimize Local Landing Pages

If you discover that people are looking for products you offer, it’s time to create dedicated landing pages for them. For instance, people aren’t just searching for a plumber but also boiler replacement service, bathroom fixtures, or gas boiler installation.

Therefore, it is also important to figure out what similar pages are ranking for, as such practices may be related to crucial details. Then, focus on including all the related information and keywords on the landing page to rank higher in search results.

Get More Reviews

BrightLocal’s 2020 study reveals that reviews are the second most crucial map pack ranking factor, and Google also claims positive reviews can lead to improved business visibility.

So, how can you obtain more reviews? Simply ask.

There are many ways to encourage customers to leave a review without violating Google’s terms. For example, suppose you are involved in a car cleaning and maintenance business; you can capture ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and post them online to leave a useful message for others.

Keep an Eye on Your Site’s Health

An unhealthy site can result in SEO issues, whether it is local or national SEO. If Google cannot effectively navigate, crawl, understand, and index your content, you face a serious problem.

You can track your site’s healthy by performing an audit to crawl your website for 100+ issues regularly. You can scan for errors like broken pages, empty title tags, broken external links, and orphan pages using Google Webmaster Tools. This way, you can get a complete list of issues affecting your site performance and further work on improving them.

Final Thoughts

A local search strategy is a vital term that gives various solutions to increase local business ranking, site traffic, and sales. These include claiming a business listing to appear in local search results on Google, locally oriented social media campaigns, online reviews, ratings, etc.

It is wise to acquire B2B SEO services from experts to optimize your site to rank better and check all the boxes in your quest to improve your SEO performance.

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