6 Tips for Learning Search Engine Optimization

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6 Tips for Learning Search Engine Optimization

You did it! You leaped a new job, department, company, or entrepreneurialism. So a lot is going on, and so much to learn! And good for you because you will be uncomfortable, pushed, and challenged. And, like me, you may need to learn SEO (search engine optimization).

6 Tips for Learning Search Engine Optimization

Plenty has been written on what to learn, what needs to be remembered in SEO, and so many other practices is how to learn. At the time of writing, I’m finishing up my first month of working in SEO execution. It’s amazing what has been picked up in such a short time. What has helped with picking up these new skills is a handful of tips and tricks (some specific to SEO and others not) that can be applied to your learning.

Moz SEO Learning Center

Moz’s SEO Learning Center is what’s up. This is a gold mine of knowledge regarding content and subject matter. Any topic you need to better understand, from terminology (there will be a lot) to categories within SEO or starting from the beginning on how SEO even works, this is a great place to start. You may find other tools down the road you like, but for engaging content that’s easy to follow, Moz is where to start.

Change Location in Google

SEO can be very geographically specific. One of the first projects I got was for an automotive repair shop in Salt Lake City. I live and work in San Diego. I needed to know what the SERP (search engine results page) looked like for someone searching in Utah. This brings up the Google Developer Tool in Chrome. It may seem scary at first, but you’ll be fine. A simple Google search for instructions will get you on your way.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

No joke, these are lifesavers. There are so many at different price points to match your budget. You will get absorbed into learning, projects, and so forth, and getting distracted can be easy. Unfortunately, each time your attention is broken, it takes time to return to where you were. So put your phone away, throw on some comfortable noise-canceling headphones, and get lost in your work. The feeling you’ll get after realizing it’s been two hours but you figured it out is addicting.

Get a Mentor

You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s as applicable here as it is for getting a mentor when starting a business. Reading articles will help with getting ideas, definitions, tricks, and so on, but inevitable, you’re going to run into questions that search engines will have a hard time answering. Someone who can help you in these moments will save you time and frustration. A mentor can also help you create a learning plan specific to your goals, answer questions, execution strategy, and validate your ideas.

Curiosity, Persistence, and Confidence

Perhaps a little fluffy, but remember that while you’re learning SEO, another skill set or ability led you to learn SEO. As a result, you or someone else is confident in your ability to learn and apply SEO concepts. So, when it’s hard, don’t get discouraged. Instead, be confident that you will find an answer with persistence. And when you find a question, go down that rabbit hole. It may be more time-consuming in the short term, but the long-term payoff is worth it.

Tie Actions to How and Why It Matters

As you’re doing SEO, tie your efforts back to the questions of how and why it matters. How will this effort impact the website or page, and why do I want that to happen? How will I fix broken links for my website help? Well, there will no longer be dead ends on my page. This means better user experience, and with SEO, user experience matters. This overly simplified example shows how action impacts the site and the payoff. There are so many connections to how and why it matters, so remembering to answer will help you do SEO that is good for not just Google but your site visitors.

These industry-specific and universal tips and tricks have been huge for me while beginning my SEO adventure. Knowing how to learn is just as important as what you’re learning. Hopefully, some, all, or at least one will help you learn inside and outside SEO! Happy optimizing!

Sam White
Sam White

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