6 Things That Make A Podcast Successful
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6 Things That Make A Podcast Successful

Text as a form of content is dying; we live in an era where Audio & Video is killing it; human attention span as we know it is falling at an alarming rate; last I checked, it was at 4 seconds.

Of course, what’s thriving right now is Audio, Video & Vertical Content. People at large prefer to consume content in audio; Blinklist & Audible is a living testament to it. Because why read books when you can listen to them, right??

A podcast is the form of audio content that is a much better upgrade over Radio; Podcasts have a lot of diversity to offer.

Some people say podcasts are dying, but according to Pat Flynn, Founder of @smartpassiveincome, a successful podcast channel shows us how Podcast does not lose ground anytime soon.

It all depends on the Podcast and how you entertain your audience. Discussing with people without engaging the one telling your story is not enough for a successful podcast.

There is no magic to creating a successful podcast!! All you need is a plan, the right way to get successful and run a successful podcast.

Today, I’ll come up with the secrets of a successful podcast. So what do you need? Before we proceed, the first thing you should know is that s What is a Podcast?

What is a Podcast?

To make it simple, Two people discuss a topic, provide a scientific explanation of different issues, entertain people with their conversation, and comment on a specific topic that’s a Podcast.

To run a successful podcast, you don’t need a degree in journalism or communication, but it’s good to know the basics of making an exciting podcast.

While running a successful podcast is not a walk in the park as you think. The most important thing is people enjoy your Podcast and look forward to your upcoming Podcast.

You also need to understand why you’re starting the Podcast. Don’t just use a fad that may become redundant before gaining traction. That’s a sure way to jeopardize the operations in the long run. Instead, address the fundamental problems people are having at large & offer counter-intuitive solutions over the same.

6 Keys for a Successful Podcast

Equipment –

In running a successful podcast, the number one rule is good equipment. No one is going to like a podcast that is poor quality. So it’s worth investing in equipment for high-quality audio—types of equipment like microphones, software, and headphones.

If you’re a beginner in podcasts and do’ know how to produce them take help from others who can do it.

You may have unicorn content to serve, but if your vehicle is in ruins, the content hardly matters; it only takes a fraction of a second for your customers to switch.

Niche That you’re an Expert In

Pick a niche in which you also have something worth contributing; listening skills come in handy, but just your guest speaking the whole time & you nodding yes in approval doesn’t very much help you establish any authority.

Be the kind of host that attracts the tribe to your Podcast. For example, take JLD’s Entrepreneurs On Fire, John has a lot to contribute to that Podcast, and at times we feel inspired and motivated witnessing his drive & hustle.

Think about the topic, whether people like to listen to a podcast or fit for the video. Is it better for the Podcast? People want to know what they discuss and try to resolve the issues. It’s better to build a community.

Cut down the unnecessary talks, avoid embarrassment, and be precise.


Suppose you’re going to publish your Podcast weekly or in 15 days. Make sure you are into the flow. Don’t skip the week. For example, The episodes into a fixed day and time, so people know and wait for the next. Just like that, you have to be conscious of your Podcast.

Consistency has a lot to do with attracting a tribe; one good Podcast doesn’t necessarily provoke people to subscribe to your Podcast; consistency proves how serious you are about your Podcast.

Even the Podcast Platform’s algorithm works that way; the algorithm shows Podcasters who are consistently putting out content.

Build Your Audience

You should know about your audience. Whether they are entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, or even students, for that matter? Engage more channels by roping in almost all the Podcast sites. The whole time you may have been podcasting on a channel where your audience may not even lie.

It is essential to focus on a niche in the starting. Then, you can invite a guest who is an expert on your topic. Invite them, and take a discussion about the journey or any issue. Engage your guest to entertain your audience. Don’t be bored with your guests and audience. Do some fun or share some funny, inspiring moments of their life.

Gary Vaynerchuk does it best; using #AskGaryVee, he provides an opportunity to his audience to ask any question, which he then addresses in the Podcast and lets him communicate with the Podcast Guest.

Audio Length

Podcast length is an essential factor you should factor in when starting your Podcast; as a beginner, you should go for short length Podcast to capture the audience; most people like listening to Podcast as they commute, for which they prefer listening to 15-20 Minutes long Podcast which is an optimal length.

Using a shorter Podcast, you can capture a decent chunk of the audience; later, you can go for 45 minutes to 75 minutes long Podcast once you have gotten hold of your loyal audience; Podcast these lengthy also goes viral depending upon the value it delivers.


Practice makes a man perfect, Don’t give up!! If you’re not getting more likes and views in the starting. Especially if you’re a beginner, It takes time to succeed in any sector.

To be a master in anything, sometimes it takes months or years to become an expert. So be patient and don’t lose hope!! As a beginner, you can start recording your audio where you are essentially sharing tips & tricks with your audience; make it candid, don’t worry about making mistakes, and be vulnerable people digs that.

Final Words!

Making a podcast is not easy. It requires smart work and attention. It would be best to focus on how you engage your audience and entertain them. With the right way and good practice, you will become a master of it.

6 Things That Make A Podcast Successful

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