6 Python Trends You Should Know in 2020
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6 Python Trends You Should Know in 2020

Needless to mention that the IT industry is changing at a fast speed, and to maintain your position, you have to adopt these trends. With each passing year, we hear about some new technology trends and programming languages, but one language that has maintained its position through the years is Python.

For the past couple of years, indeed, mainstream online platforms like Facebook even use Python effectively for its codebase. It clearly illustrates that; Python has become the programming language for the future.

As per the reports, the Popularity of Programming Language Index, there is an increase in programming languages by 16.8% from the previous five years. And the reports suggest that the TIOBE index puts Python as the third place among the widely used languages in the world. This implies suggests that python trends 2020 are here to arrive and, if you have any plans to start your business project using Python, this article will help you with understanding the latest trends related to the programming language. Before we start our discussion, it is good to understand the basics of Python.

Basic details about Python

The language was introduced by “Guido Van Rossum” in 1990. This significant language development works faster, and it is object-oriented. Additionally, it can be used for developing web and mobile applications. There are abundant benefits of using this language to understand more have a look:

  • Python introduced by Guido van Rossum in 1990
  • Huge community support
  • It is a dynamic language
  • The high-level language is free to use
  • One of the best open-source and Object-Oriented Language
  • interpreted programming language
  • Easy to code
  • GUI Programming Support
  • It has been over 30 years to its popularity.

The Reigning Language in 2020

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To stay with the latest development trends, if you want to learn a new language to boost your professional career, then Python is the best option. To remain relevant with 2020, trends the language is established and already has a robust user base. This language is going to stay here for the upcoming years. You can expect this language to become even more well-liked in the future time. Top 10 Apps Developed in Python

The free to use language is preferred for the programmer across the world. Here is the list of top 10 apps developed in Python. All the applications listed have gained recognition in the marketplace:

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Spotify
  • BitBucket
  • Reddit
  • Instacart
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest

Cloud Computing

Undoubtedly, the security of data is one of the main concerns of all the businesses and users. And Python has proved its worth as an outstanding programming language for implementing Cloud computing projects. When we talk about computing, it merely states storing data and transfer of data through the Internet. This technology allows users to store their precious data online on a remote database safely. The Internet plays a significant role in cloud computing services as, without it, you won’t be able to use the data or upload the data n the software. Google, the search engine giant, uses Python for cloud computing and uses various frameworks like Pika, Django for this crucial thing.

Python in Artificial Intelligence:

Nowadays, AI technology has become the hottest technology, and the main emphasis is to solve problems that humans face in their daily lives. It is a process in problem-solving techniques. Python programming language plays a vital role in Artificial Intelligence, as it is used widely for developing AI-based apps. 

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Reasons to choose Python for AI

  • Rich Library Ecosystem
  • Flexibility factor
  • Easy to read
  • Variety of visualization features for the data scientist
  • Large community assistance
  • Reduces the complexity
  • More than 140,000 custom-built Python software packages

Gigantic Community Support:

No need to mention again, as we already mentioned in the above section, that Python has been in the world for more than three decades. Thus it is clear that it flaunts tremendous community support. Honestly, the recognition of Python language in the market adds value to its price and additional security of the painless troubleshooting process. It has a massive collection of tech experts who help you in terms of software development and coding part. A community can get all the support that it requires for developing a successful mobile app. Moreover, to gain instant information, you can check the online tutorials and blogs for increasing your understanding related to it.

Simple Integration with Other multiple Languages

When it comes to the integration of programming languages, Python leads the charts. It is possible to combine Python and enjoy the abundant features which make your development task more manageable. With this feature, the mobile app developers do not face any significant challenges as the big part of the code will be written in Python that is easy to write. The partial integration helps the beginners to learn and write the code and use it without errors.

Upgrade of frameworks

Upgrade frameworks play a significant role in the current marketplace. It is crucial to resolve issues that developers face while using the framework, and it also adds more value to the programming language. The upgrades offer various free libraries, plugins, and performance boost features that enhance the development cycle. When it comes to Python trends, three pillars maintain success.

  • Django: This helps in reducing the development time and increasing productivity.
  • Turbo Gears: It is a Python development trend that adds sufficient stability and potential in the cycle.
  • Pyramid: The best part of this framework is that it is a perfect option for building web applications. It has uncomplicated coding lines that are trouble-free to write and easy to understand.
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With all this, we can say that Python is free to use established language that has successfully rooted in the web and app development system. For a brighter future, you can add this to your development plan and can make it even more appealing. Apps developed in Python add more value to your app idea and also make the development cycle less lengthy as compared to other languages.

In simple terms, we can say that just like colors make your art more appealing; without it, coding may get boring. The reasons for its recognition are mentioned in the blog, and it is clear, Python has been giving robust competition to its competitors and will achieve more fame in the upcoming years. If you feel we are mission any crucial points in our section, let us know and stay tuned with us.

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6 Python Trends You Should Know in 2020

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