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6 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Reaching out to your subscribers through email is the best way to stay connected. Email marketing caters to that and at the same time it uses email as a marketing tool for direct showcasing.

With the help of using emailing websites like Hotmail and Gmail, you’re only able to select a limited number of people you can send an email to at the same time. But now, with so many wonderful email marketing tools, it’s no longer a problem.

You can send your newsletters to your complete mailing list with just a push of your button, and can even tweak the layout. Let’s take a look at some marketing tools which can be used to make emailing simple and effective.

1. AWeber

The best way to build your mailing list is through your subscribers. You need to keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say as well.

AWeber is also a social media marketing tool which integrates with the likes of Facebook, WordPress, and Paypal and it makes sure that interested customers from these networks already in touch with your company will be added to your mailing list.

AWeber comes with two kinds of mobile apps. One app keeps track of your statistics. The other adds subscribers to your list.

After building your lists, you can design how your email will look like. You can use and choose from a variety of free templates and stock photos. Preview each draft email before send out a mass email to your subscribers.

2. GetResponse

You don’t need to check how your messages will look like in cell phones if you have GetResponse. It demonstrates to you a review of how your email will look like on handsets or PCs while you plan them.

You can even import pictures from Flickr, Facebook, and iStock. You can likewise plan your messages ahead of time and you can do that by simply dragging them to the proposed date on a schedule. In case you’re additionally advancing your items on the web, GetResponse has instruments to import contacts from Facebook structures and Twitter advertisements too.

3. iContact

iContact adds contacts to your email records and consequently subscribe any new clients. Most organizations as of now utilize different applications to deal with their contacts to get them inspired by new redesigns about your business. It can import your contacts and utilize the information to arrange them into records.

Aside from messages, iContact additionally has online social networking tools. You can plan Twitter and Facebook announcements together with your email designs. iContact can even permit you to outline a modified email format to coordinate your image or site. It likewise helps you set up your mailing campaigns and helps you in getting the most out of your endeavors.

4. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email makes your email look engaging, with its email layouts to look great on both your cellular telephone and desktop.

Benchmark has various designs for content and multimedia mechanisms, alongside extraordinary coloring plans. It permits you to share pictures and recordings in the application so you can reuse them at whatever point you need.

It bolsters various dialects like English, Chinese, and Spanish. The group behind this application ensures your messages go anyplace around the globe.

5. Mad Mimi

With such a variety of components occurring in a lone application, it has a tendency to end up entangled. It looks jumbled and outwardly unsettling.

Mad Mimi makes its application concentrate on simply the messages, with whatever remains of the elements to be turned on and off as indicated by your will when you require them.

Mad Mimi designs their application in an exceptionally straightforward way. Details from your most recent campaign will be seen on the front page, with a screenshot to remind you what it looked like.

Making another email is straightforward and simple also. The editing page shows different vivid subjects and color plans for any gadget. You can alter who you need the mail to reach to by a straightforward on and off switch technique.

There are other a lot of additional items too, similar to social networking coordination, drip messages, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

6. Mail Chimp

MailChimp attempts in helping you send better messages. It incorporates elements like a drag-and-drop email editing manager, rich profiles for supporters that track communications with your contacts by means of your messages, and a considerable measure of different things.

There are additional applications and tools which affiliate with Mail Chimp. There are nine applications, which let you do everything from sending messages and checking your insights and analytics to sending bulletins with the photos you took from your phone. You can likewise add new contacts to your lists.

Mail Chimp likewise estimates the principal time to send your messages by considering the season of other business’ battles and the effective response they gather.

It’ll in a related manner propose smart lists from your contacts in light of other email bulletins they’re subscribed to.

The aforementioned are some of the most well-known applications to send mass messages and newsletters regarding their elements. On the off chance that you need to send messages to everyone of your contacts with an incredible layout, then these are the email marketing tools for you.

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6 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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