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6 Key Points You Should Know About Amazon!

For people entering the field of Amazon for the first time, operating a store has become the first challenge, and it is also the beginning of all issues. For those who have no operating experience at all, In addition to understanding, you also need to try step by step to find the way that suits you best.

If you want to be a good Amazon seller, you must understand its concept of “focus on products, not stores.” You have to develop popular products and create high-quality listings, rather than simply uploading more goods to get orders.

Essentially, operating an Amazon store means operating products and has nothing to do with your store. If you cannot provide high-quality products and high-level services after opening a store, Amazon will not let you continue to operate.

About the Operation Plan

  1. Self-built or follow-up?
  2. Operating capital
  3. Product research
  4. Optimization of Listing
  5. Trademark filing
  6. Traffic and advertising on and off the site
  7. Improve product exposure, click-through rate, and conversion rate
  8. Communicate with customers
  9. Handling of bad reviews and complaints

There is already a lot of content about Amazon stores and novice operations, and each key point also has a lot of thinking that can be diffused. When you understand the new content, you will record it and organize it into a plan. The more time it takes to prepare in the early stage, the simpler the things that need to be done later.

The first step is to don’t rush to product research. The rules of the platform still need to be understood. Some things may become hidden dangers in the long or short term, so it is better to understand first; otherwise, it is banned one day in the future without knowing why.

About the account

The difference between professional seller account and individual seller account

The two types of seller accounts can be switched. Simply put, the permissions and fees are not used. Professional sellers can do more than individual sellers.

Account association and how to avoid account association

Amazon requires a seller or company to have only one account. In addition to the registered information, including the network, computer hardware, and browser used, may cause the account to be associated and blocked.

Account registration process

Amazon has 14 sites around the world. Commonly used sites include North American accounts, European accounts, and Japanese accounts. As long as you open the corresponding site accounts, you can simultaneously sell products to the regions included in the site. These include the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.

About the management system

Amazon is simple to operate, and the more troublesome may be to upload products in batches. However, it is very simple after being proficient; fill in the form.

About product and site optimization

Product Research

Product research is the most important thing at the beginning. No matter how good the operation technology is, it will eventually return to product competition. If you choose a product at will, it is more likely to face failure, and the initial investment is even more significant. A lot of energy can be easier to operate in the later stage.

There is no restriction on the category, but the unit price of the product must be considered. The novice is operating a low-cost product. After screening, you can determine whether its sales are operational according to the total and recent product reviews. Many product research guidance methods can guide you to understand various product research methods.

Listing optimization

After choosing a high-quality product, you also need to show the advantages and use of the product. You can start with the title, picture, keywords, short description, and long description to optimize the listing. Each aspect will be more or less affected—conversion rates.

Regardless of whether it is done well or not, this step must always be done seriously. The focus is different without deviating from the essence of the product, or this step is the most cumbersome thing. Fortunately, there are many big sellers on Amazon and AmzChart. Reference.


Create an excellent product detail page, but in the face of listings that others have been online for a long time and have accumulated enough orders and reviews, how do you highlight yourself? The price is a good choice. When the product is first launched, it is an excellent way to exchange its low price.

FBA delivery

Small sellers chose to ship sporadic orders early but added a self-delivery evaluation order to the account. It is recommended to use FBA initially if you want to do it, saving follow-up troubles.

There are many ways to do FBA, including air, express, and sea. We can talk about more comparisons, more references, and more prices to find out the advantages and disadvantages of freight forwarding companies.

Regarding trademark registration

Registering products is not only to build your brand but also to avoid follow-up sales. At the same time, after the registration is approved, you will get a GCID code, and you can save the cost of purchasing a UPC when you release the product in the future.

About on-site advertising

Amazon’s on-site advertising is charged per click, and the cost per click will vary according to the actual situation. On-site advertising will quickly generate exposure and click-through rates for your products. Products initially searched for very low positions may appear directly in front of customers because of advertisements.

On-site advertising also needs continuous optimization to show the effect. There will be off-site marketing strategies in the future, and you can even develop a hot item yourself.

Regarding bad reviews

A bad review will make your ranking plummet, and multiple products may be forced to be removed from the shelves. In addition, if you have worked so hard to get to this point, a sudden bad review may make every seller psychologically uncomfortable.

Amazon prohibits sellers from inducing customers to leave reviews. Still, it also does not strictly prohibit contacting sellers to modify reviews, so in the face of bad reviews, first, understand the reason, and then try to contact the buyer, showing a polite and friendly sincere attitude, explaining how to deal with it, generally Talking about being able to get a refund is the most straightforward option.

Amazon’s operations and procedures have been summarized and sorted out by their predecessors. As a result, the road ahead is straightforward to do. All you need to do is pick up these prepared bricks and pave the way for yourself, step by step, to walk. Farther, when you deliberately create explosive models, you will find that all links are rules to follow.

6 Key Takeaways About Amazon

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