6 Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Business in 2022

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6 Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Business in 2022

With nearly one billion active users on Instagram each month, it’s no wonder why more brands are posting regularly on the platform. It presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes to grow their customers while keeping their existing ones engaged at the same time.

However, it’s important to remember that building a massive following can take a lot of time and effort, especially if your business has yet to take off. Plus, there’s a huge chance that your competitors are also doing everything they can on Instagram to win the hearts of your target audience.

No need to feel discouraged, though, as we’re here to provide you with six IG hacks that will help you gain a large and profitable following in no time. Let’s get right to it!

Optimize Your Bio

Put yourself in your followers’ shoes and imagine stumbling upon a brand (your own) and reading the bio – does it tell you everything you want to know about that brand?

If the answer’s no, this should be the part where we tell you to optimize it. Explain clearly who you are and what you do. Show off your brand’s personality, and don’t sound too professional as it can bore visitors.

Also, if you have a branded hashtag, include its link in your bio. Otherwise, consider coming up with one. Branded hashtags, which are custom hashtags unique to your business, provide a way to build brand identity, run campaigns, initiate conversations, and even sell products.

Steal Followers

This may be a dirty trick, but stealing the followers of your competition will immensely benefit your brand. So don’t see yourself as the bad guy here – this is how the business world works. Besides, we’re pretty sure your rivals are doing it too!

What’s great about stealing followers is that you don’t have to play the guessing game anymore. Instead, you’ll easily identify what their interests are since they’re already following similar accounts.

So, how exactly can you steal followers? First, employ a Follow + Like + Comment strategy. Like a couple of their posts, follow a user, and leave a comment on at least one of them. It’s that easy!

Leverage the Power of Instagram Stories

Posting a Story allows you to engage with your audience and elicit meaningful feedback from them. And, it’s a fantastic way to gain a better understanding of what they want from you.

You can add interactive stickers such as polls, “this or that” questions, fill in the blanks, or ask a question to which they can respond freely.

For instance, you can create a poll asking your audience which of your products they find best or a game of “this or that” comparing two products under the same category. Then, based on the results, you can craft more content focused on those offerings.

Then again, you don’t have to ask about your products all the time. Posting fun questions that will help you know your audience on a deeper level is always a good idea. Not only will you learn more about them, but they’ll also see your desire to connect with them genuinely.

Offer Irresistible Incentives

For some Insta users, great content isn’t enough for them to follow a brand – unless there’s something special waiting for them when they hit the “follow” button.

Give your target audience incentives to connect with you online, and trust us; they will. Provide the right incentive, use it effectively, and before you know it, you’ll gain tons of new followers,

Instead of encouraging people to follow your account, offer them rewards that will make them want to follow you. These rewards can be coupon codes, discounts, gift cards, or even free products.

Include Calls to Action (CTAs)

Many brands often mistake neglecting to add CTAs in their posts. They don’t realize that it’s one of the best tactics to drive their audience to take action.

If you’re also guilty of ignoring CTAs, it’s time that you put more emphasis on them.

Whether your goal is to make them buy a product, subscribe to your newsletter, or tag a friend in the comment section, a compelling call to action is the way to go. Otherwise, they may only like your photo, not bothering to take the next step that you intend them to do.

Host Contests & Giveaways

Running Instagram contests and giveaways has always been effective at boosting engagement. They can get you hundreds (or even thousands) of new followers with minimal effort when done properly.

Pick a giveaway item and decide how you want your audience to participate – be it by liking or commenting on your post, following you, tagging a friend, or tagging you in their Stories. Just be sure to use contests to get the word out about your brand.

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6 Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Business in 2022