6 Effective Ways to Boost Conversions of Your Online Store

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Online shoppers have will never have a limited number of online shopping options to choose from. With the click of a mouse button, a web user can find another e-store selling the same set of products that you may offer. This is the main reason why it’s challenging to run an online store successfully. One of the biggest challenges that eCommerce entrepreneurs face is having a poor conversion rate. Here in this post, we will discuss five effective ways to boost conversions of your online store.

  1. Tweak & Test Your Checkout Process

You stand to lose many customers even when they are ready to buy if your checkout process is complicated or takes too long to complete.

According to Baymard Institute, 69.57% of online shoppers on average abandon shopping carts midway. Of these, nearly 21% of people abandon online shopping carts due to a sluggish or complicated checkout process.  

The eCommerce checkout process is a critical step in the funnel. So, this is where most A/B testing and personalization should happen.

Keeping the checkout process short and simple is one of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.

Some of the most common shopping cart issues that you need to fix include

  • Poor website navigation
  • Checking out pages don’t render properly on different devices
  • Necessary user login at the last stage
  • Timeout
  • Unexpected shopping cart total
  • Price is shown in foreign currency
  • Bugs & errors
  • Inconsistent product variations
  • Payment declined
  1. Get Visitors with High ‘Purchase-Intent’

An online store does not need tons of traffic that don’t convert. What’s important is to get visitors with high ‘ purchase intent.’

For instance, if your store sells spare parts for mountain bikes, your digital marketing campaign should concentrate on driving traffic that includes people looking to buy spare parts and not hobbyists who want to read or watch videos about mountain bikes.

This is where a well-crafted eCommerce SEO campaign can help. Experienced digital marketers know how to use ‘search intent’ (why a person is searching for something online) to grow a business. They can design and implement digital marketing campaigns focused on navigational or transactional searches.

  1. Use Video Demonstrations

Videos that demonstrate how a product works or looks like tend to resonate with people and help improve eCommerce conversion rate. High-quality product images and descriptions are still important, but video demonstrations can give your online store an edge over the competition.

According to Adobe, online shoppers who view video are 1.81 times more likely to place an order than non-viewers; more than half of marketing professionals consider video as the type of content format with the highest ROI (Return on Investment). According to Animoto, many customers would prefer watching a product demo video online four times than reading about it.

Besides displaying product demonstration videos directly on your website, you can also create and disseminate instructional videos, explainer videos, and interviews with experts across the web as part of your video marketing strategy to establish your credibility and authority in your niche.

Do keep in mind that this strategy doesn’t work for all products sold online. For instance, if you are selling t-shirts, you need not use a video to explain how to put them on!

  1. Set up Smaller Conversions

A majority of first-time e-store visitors aren’t ready to place an order right away.

It takes time and patience to build up website visitors’ trust and ultimately convince them to buy your products.

Therefore, a single-minded focus on getting website visitors to buy immediately isn’t of much help. There’s no point targeting a huge chunk of customers at one go. It’s better to set up smaller conversions.

You can, for example, have different groups of website visitors at various stages of the e-commerce purchase funnel, such as:

  • Visitors who provide you with their email IDs or phone numbers
  • Visitors who subscribe to a newsletter
  • Visitors who abandon the shopping card midway
  • Visitors who used the social login feature
  • Visitors who can be retargeted on social networking sites such as Facebook

Once you have prospective customers’ email IDs, phone numbers, or tracking info, you can slowly nurture them and increase your e-store’s conversion rate.

More than 90% of first-time e-store visitors don’t place an order right away. Given that it takes enormous time and effort to drive targeted traffic to an eCommerce website, it makes perfect sense to set up smaller conversions to achieve a higher overall conversion rate.

  1. Deploy a Robust Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy

Do you have data about your online store from a tool such as Google Analytics? You should. You can analyze the data on which you can base your CRO strategy.

With a behavior flow chart, you can identify pages that encourage visitors to continue reading/exploring and pages from where they bounce in no time.

To boost conversions, your e-store requires as much ‘sticky’ content as possible. You want visitors to spend maximum time exploring various products that your online store has to offer.

You will also need to optimize pages that aren’t performing well. You may, for example, need to optimize the design, use a better call-to-action (CTA), reduce clutter, add customer testimonials in a more prominent location, or update the product description.


No strategy or technique for boosting the eCommerce conversion rate will deliver results right away. Sure, you can follow the best practices. Still, as far as finer details are concerned, you always need to experiment with different elements of a strategy to make it work in the area of business you operate in.

Author Bio

Simon is one of the founders and head of operations at 405 Ads. Simon serves as an online marketing manager to businesses and agencies worldwide. His overall business and marketing experience has helped hundreds of business owners get their presence done right when it comes to today’s online world.

6 Effective Ways to Boost Conversions of Your Online Store

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