6 eCommerce Landing Page Design Tweaks to Turn Visitors into Customers

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In the world of eCommerce, conversions are what matters most. Of course, improved brand awareness, a lot of social shares, and plenty of readers on your blog are nice to have too. But without conversions, you won’t be able to stay afloat. 

In this post, we’ll be looking at six landing page design tweaks you can make that will increase your conversion rates and turn your visitors into satisfied customers. 

Highlight Your Values

To stand out from other companies in your industry and niche, make sure to highlight what it is that sets you apart. 

Reaching for your company values is a great way to achieve this. For example, are you perhaps passionate about sustainability? Is your packaging made from recycled materials? Are you a carbon-negative brand? 

Whatever you believe in and hold dear to your heart, make sure your customers know the fact. Gourmesso, for instance, plants a tree for every order they receive, which is one of the first pieces of information you spot on their homepage. 

Show Your (Happy) Customers

Ecommerce is about showing the product. You want your visitors to be wowed as soon as possible, and you want to make sure that your products are shown in the best possible light. 

This is why action shots are usually the best choice for dedicated landing and product pages. Of course, you do want to show every angle too, but seeing the product being used “in real life” will make it much easier for visitors to imagine using it themselves. 

In other words: feature plenty of images of your customers enjoying the products. You want them to be as candid as possible and be more like snapshots from someone’s real life. Lords and Labradors find themselves in a very enviable position: all of their clients are cute. By featuring a dog or cat in every main product shot, they evoke plenty of positive emotions and make it easy for their customers to imagine using the product.

Keep It Old-School

Depending on your target audience, you may want to keep your landing pages old-school. This is especially true for industrial websites, which don’t need to be flashy, sleek, or modern. Instead, they need to be functional. 

If your customers care more about sourcing a specific product (say, a car part) than being awed by your design, it’s best to settle on a simple theme. Then, focus on improving your website navigation and managing your stock. 

Golf Cart Tire Supply has chosen a retro design as their target customer will not care what the website looks like. All they want is to easily find the parts they need and have them delivered as soon as possible. 

Make Navigation Easier

Speaking of navigation, you want to ensure that your main categories of products are highlighted in your menu and on the homepage. This is especially true if you often have special offers or deals, certain seasonal categories you want to highlight, or if you often get new stock. 

You don’t have to change the menu’s layout every time, but you can tweak the hero section and draw attention to the latest items or to any categories you want to promote at that point. 

Lululemon makes it very easy to find their hottest items from their menu (that only features one special category) and from their hero, where you can check out the latest apparel with a single click. 

Offer Plenty of Filtration Options

Most online shoppers dislike having to spend too much time looking for the exact product they need. This is especially true for clothing and footwear, where sizing, color, and material play a vital role. 

By adding every possible filter imaginable to your product and category pages, you will provide visitors with a simple way to find what they need and a fun way to browse your store. In addition, they may discover a product via filters and fall in love with it. 

Vestiaire Collective does this marvelously with its filters and categories that help visitors narrow down what would otherwise be a practically insurmountable offer. This makes a conversion that much more likely, not to mention enjoyable. 

Brag Just a Little

Finally, you want to show your customers the very best about your products at a glance. This may mean singling out your most glowing reviews, showcasing any awards you may have received, or simply ensuring that the key benefits and features are the first thing visitors see. 

Try not to think of it as bragging. But, unfortunately, most brands do it, and there’s simply no other way to tell your customers, “this works.”

Allies of Skin has chosen to show all of the rewards their hero product has acquired. Yet, they could have gone much more overboard, given their quality. With this design solution, they allow visitors to be the judges.

Final Thoughts 

With these simple tweaks, you can easily improve your conversion rates. You’ll thus ensure that your visitors get the best user experience imaginable while your bottom line keeps improving.

6 eCommerce Landing Page Design Tweaks to Turn Visitors into Customers

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