6 eCommerce Design Tips to Reach More Customers

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eCommerce websites now play a significant role in the retail business globally. While they have not entirely replaced the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce still takes a fair chunk of its business.

For an e-commerce website to be successful, it should attract clients since there is stiff competition. In addition, it should be easy to navigate and offer everything a customer wants. 

The design of the website has a lot to do with how people respond to it. So let’s look at some design tips that can help reach more customers and achieve more sales.  

  • A Website for All Platforms

People access the internet and websites from all kinds of devices, including tablets and cellular phones. In 2020, an estimated 90% of the users connected with the internet through a cell phone. 

You must ensure that your website is friendly for desktop users and tablet and cell phone users. This friendliness will keep the customers happy and also boost your ranking in search results.

  • Simple Color Theme

Website themes are essential as they can make a website look great or otherwise. Lighter colors and shades are better options in most cases. Darker themes can be successfully executed, but it needs a robust design. What matters the most is that the visitors are comfortable with the color scheme.   

  • Pop Up Registrations

You can have mini pop-ups on your website that offer an instant discount for signing up to the website. Keep the form limited to just the user’s name and email address, as these can be later used for other marketing purposes. Registration also means that you’re likely to sell to that person due to the discount. 

  • Don’t Forget SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of boosting the ranking of a website in search engine results. There are various aspects of SEO that combine to bring the desired outcome. 


Keywords are focused on short phrases used to guide the search engine algorithms for searching information online. Therefore, having the right keywords on your website increases your chances of being higher in the search results. 


The contents of the website should be very well written. Search engines prefer good content over text stuffed with keywords. It should offer ample information on the given subject so that the search engines find your content more appealing. 

SEO Tools

A significant number of eCommerce stores are made in WordPress. They are built into that help you with improving your SEO quality. At the same time, it is crucial to spend some extra money and engage the services of an SEO professional to speed up the process.

  • High-Quality Images

Any website should have high-quality images to attract clients. Based on the nature of products or services on offer, you may benefit from a professional photographer or use stock photos. 

In the case of unique products, a pro photographer is a way to go. However, if you’re offering services like discounted overseas travel, it’s a good idea to use stock photos of those places.  While there are various places to get free photos, you can also purchase licensed stock images at affordable rates. The high-quality pictures are indeed worth the expenditure. 

  • Your Top Products

You will have several products that sell well. Some of them may especially have a higher demand. However, it is also possible that you want to promote specific products more because we offer a better return. 

Always have such products on the top and center of your page. The more people see them, the greater they will purchase them. Remember, if any of your products are scarce, mention the number of pieces you have. It can create further interest among the buyers.   


Be sure to look at the website from a buyer’s perspective when it is into the finishing stages. If it appeals to you, it probably is well-designed. Keeping the website simple is generally a great idea and works well. With proper SEO, you should rank well in the search results. 

Be sure to offer reasonable prices, have high-quality images, and have decent content. You can also occasionally reach out to clients through their email addresses to let them know about the specials. All these small steps help in driving sales higher on your e-commerce website. 

6 eCommerce Design Tips to Reach More Customers

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