6 Digital Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Practices

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6 Digital Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Practices

It is difficult to deny the positive impact modern medicine has had. Patients can get higher-quality healthcare from the provider of their choice. They do not feel obligated to visit the hospital closest to them. Instead, they can choose to visit healthcare facilities that align with the type of care that they want. In this competitive market, digital marketing tactics can help healthcare practices stand out from the competition.

1. Keep Healthcare Branding Consistent

Healthcare providers may feel that because of their experience and expertise, they can distinguish themselves from their competition. However, from a customer’s standpoint, one doctor or nurse in a medical uniform looks the same as the next.

The best way for a medical facility or practice to stand out is by providing consistent healthcare branding in the digital world. First, they need to figure out why their brand is unique and then use digital marketing tools to keep their brand at the forefront of customers’ minds and potential customers.

2. Give Customers a Stellar Online Experience

With a website and some business cards, you could impress prospective patients a couple of years ago. Then, it was easy to put your brand in front of them.

Now, having a website is not seen as a special marketing tool. It is the bare minimum that your customers expect you to have. If your online experience is not tailored for your customers, they may walk away. It is good for you to think about your website from your patient’s perspective. For example, you may have one of the many websites for therapists. What does your website do to set you apart from the competition? What do your customers see in the first five seconds after visiting your site? Would they be able to contact you, schedule an appointment, and see what sets you apart from the competition in that short timeframe? If not, now may be the time to reevaluate the user experience you are offering.

3. Take Mobile into Consideration

The majority of your customers are going to visit your website from their mobile devices. Therefore, you want your customers to have the same experience on their cell phone or tablet that they would have if they visited you from their laptop or their desktop.

Google is keenly interested in the experience your customers have when they visit your site. Therefore, they will prioritize your site if it is optimized for mobile above those that are not.

4. Use Social Media the Right Way

Organic social media works in some cases. However, too many healthcare practices rely solely on organic social media for their marketing strategy, like posting updates, events, and photos. It is a strategy that can work. However, it should not be your only approach to social media.

This is your business. You need to invest for it to be successful. Paid advertising on social media is a great way to get your practice in front of the right people who are looking for your services right now.

5. Encourage Patients to Leave Reviews on Your Site

Most people will only leave a review if they are motivated to do so. Usually, reviews are at one extreme or the other. If you do not ask for reviews, you miss out on opportunities to have your patients tell the world about you. Even poor reviews are a good thing. On the one hand, they show you how your staff can improve. On the other hand, they allow you to highlight your ability to address issues, reach out, and resolve issues. This is what your patients want.

6. Always Follow-Up

Follow-up on any feedback your patients leave on any of your digital marketing avenues. If they leave a negative or positive comment on social media, respond. Check sites like Yelp. With the right follow-up, patients may update their review to let people know that the problem was addressed in a timely fashion.


Healthcare marketing is a living thing that is never complete. However, it is worth the effort to improve revenue, brand recognition, and customer satisfaction.

6 Digital Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Practices