6 Compelling Reasons Why Call Centers Should Become Omnichannel

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6 Compelling Reasons Why Call Centers Should Become Omnichannel

Omnichannel (the multichannel approach to sales) has also made its way into the contact center solutions. It’s slowly becoming a highly popular approach in BPO services since it takes client conversations to where they feel most comfortable. The goal is to offer a seamless customer experience from one channel to another as the user moves through their customer journey.

In a contact center, omnichannel solutions deliver a cohesive customer experience. It’s also empowering for your agents. Let’s learn how a contact center can leverage an omnichannel strategy and benefit from it:

1: Helps Resolve Customer Pain Points

Consumers are reaching businesses on the channels they prefer, be it social media, web chat, phone, email, or live chat. They expect fast and accurate support but also want it to be omnichannel, i.e., cohesive across all channels.

Let’s say a customer wishes to call your toll-free support to complain about a damaged item; all the data about the customer’s purchase history should be accessible on all channels. This will say not just prevent the customer from repeating everything but also save your agent’s time. For a customer, the most frustrating thing is to repeat themselves. By offering cohesive support through an omnichannel experience, your agents can address the customer pain points better.

2: Improves Customer Value

Experts believe that omnichannel call center solutions don’t just boost productivity and efficiency but also leave a huge impact on customer value. You can resolve many common and simplest customer inquiries through digital automation. If the situation requires it, you can always provide traditional phone support for comprehensive support.

With automation, call center operations can become smooth and efficient. Customers can get quick self-service support through preferred communication channels like the company’s app, mobile phone, or web portal. The customer won’t have to wait in the queue to get helped. This capability allows call centers to offer a seamless customer experience and add to customer value.

3: Offers Personalized Support

Retailers say that offering a personalized omnichannel customer experience is a significant factor in improving customer relationships. Omnichannel contact centers offer much personalization regarding support, whether through email, social media, text messages, or more.

Omnichannel communication also offers face-to-face personalization concerning product recommendations and other areas of customer support. Since agents have access to the customer history, they can even offer support on calls if the customer is a difficult personality or if the situation requires a solution on a call.

The omnichannel personalization can help with sales and marketing too. With the insights and data generated, customers can be segmented into several audiences, and then your agents can pitch sales offers based on what appeals to them most

4: Helps Gather Insights

Omnichannel interactions result in improved customer experience, stronger brand reputation, and higher customer ratings. The customer is followed from one channel to another, and data is collected along the way. Even if a customer shifts from social media chat to live chat at the company’s website, their account details and history travel with them. Insights are gathered at each step of the customer journey; they don’t have to start over again.

5: Reduces Customer Friction

Don’t just consider the omnichannel contact center a tool for improving communication. It is highly effective in removing customer friction. Think from a customer’s point of view. Some don’t want to go to the business’s website to look for ways to contact them. They want the business to meet them on a channel they prefer.

Another thing customers dislike is being put on hold or having to wait to get a response. But if they can communicate or get help via social media channels or instant messaging apps, it can save so much time! They won’t have to repeat themselves and get their problem solved just like that!

6: Benefits of AI Automation

Did you know that omnichannel platforms also include AI, which allows your agents to move between channels smoothly? Whether a simple admin task or something complex, automation improves efficiency and eliminates chances of mistakes.

Chatbots can help tackle the frequently asked questions by automatically sending answers that address the customer’s problem in detail. Other than this, you can also create a pre-confirmed response or send marketing messages to boost customer satisfaction without involving extra labor.


To sum up, Omnichannel contact center solutions make it possible to create a seamless customer journey and track all customer interactions. It further creates one-on-one communication between the customer, agent, and the business/brand. For any business that’s finding it challenging to manage a high volume of calls, it’s high time to explore an omnichannel solution.

6 Compelling Reasons Why Call Centers Should Become Omnichannel