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6 Calls to Action for Your Website

6 Types of CTAs You Need to Have on Your Website

At the end of the day, your business’s website is designed to drive sales and get you, new customers. That’s why your website design must be as effective as possible—which is where CTAs come into play. According to Top Shelf Media, 90% of visitors that read your headline copy will also read your CTA copy. That means that a well-written and designed CTA has many potentials to help you grow your business. 

CTAs are powerful tools that can be used to help push your customers towards taking action—whether that’s making a purchase or requesting a quote. The key to an effective CTA is to make it as persuasive as possible. 

6 Types of CTAs You Need to Have on Your Website

In this post, we’ll cover the 6 types of CTAs you need to have on your website and the most important factors that make a compelling CTA. Let’s get started: 

#1: Lead Generation

When it comes to effective web design and eCommerce, it’s important to target your messaging and provide clear steps to conversion. Turn your passive website user into a potential customer with lead-generating CTAs. 

Lead generating CTAs should be strategic and straightforward so that they’re as effective as possible—after all, getting new customers is the main goal of your business. You want your lead-generating CTAs to be a clear solution to their problem. And, if you can make your copy clever or catchy, that’s even better. 

As you can see in the example above, the headline immediately catches the reader’s attention and is followed by text that clearly states what they’re offering. 

#2: Form Submission 

Automated lead generation and form submission make an eCommerce business a potential career and side lucrative side hustle. Form submission CTAs go hand-in-hand with lead generation because they’re used to collect the necessary information to turn the website user into an actual lead. Once a form is submitted, you have the contact information you need to follow up with them and take the next step toward converting them into a customer. 

Capture forms can be used in the header or the main content, but either way, they should be above the fold to create the most direct path to conversion. When you’re creating your lead generation form, it’s not just about the CTA button that allows them to submit but the title that needs to catch their eye. It also needs to be quick and straightforward to fill out—if too much information is required from them, people are less likely to complete your form. 

Form submission CTAs go hand-in-hand with lead generation

#3: Persistent Header 

A persistent header CTA is a bar that appears at the top of the page. Typically, persistent header CTAs are inconspicuous, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. 

That’s because these CTAs remain at the top and follow the reader as they move down the page, so they’re always in their line of sight. Due to their noticeable location, they usually have pretty high click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. 

#4: Discovery

When users are on your website, they may gather general information about your business or look for something specific. Make it easier for them with discovery CTAs that direct them toward specific products or services. 

Typically, you’ll want to make sure that you have discovery CTAs that direct users to your main products or services. Since these CTAs are directed toward consumers in the earliest stage of the buying process,  you want to make sure you’re not too aggressive with your messaging, or you might risk scaring them off completely. However, you choose to use these CTAs, whether it’s directing them to a product, sign up for a coupon, or getting them to subscribe to your newsletter, make sure the process is as easy and seamless as possible so you can turn more leads into patrons and experience more financial victories.

#5: Lead Nurturing

A lead nurturing CTA provides the user with an offer that encourages them to move forward with using your product or service without requiring them to make a full commitment just yet. Lead nurturing CTAs must be relevant to them and fulfill a need—this tactic is more likely to move them to action. At this stage, it’s all about providing value. 

#6: Social Sharing

Social sharing CTAs are essential tools that allow website users to interact with your brand on social media. Whether they’re reading your blog and want to share your post or check out your public profiles to get a 360-view of who you are as a company, social sharing CTAs are an important part of the customer journey.

By directing users to your social profiles, you also have the opportunity to gain value by increasing your followers, shares, and engagement. Social sharing is an important part of your content marketing strategy, so using CTAs correctly is important. When crafting your social sharing CTAs, make sure you keep it casual, so they feel excited instead of pressured to learn more about your company. 

What to Remember to Make Your CTAs Compelling

Now that you’ve become more familiar with some of the most popular types of CTAs, you’re almost ready to start creating your own. But first, there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind to make sure that you’re writing the most compelling CTAs you can. When writing CTAs for your website, you should ensure that: 

  • The copy sets up an expectation of what benefit they’ll get by clicking the CTA button.
  • The copy is concise and to the point
  • The copy is actionable 
  • CTAs are placed in obvious areas of the page
  • Where CTAs are located makes sense 
  • CTAs stand out from the rest of the page (but still fit into the overall design/branding)
  • CTAs are used strategically (too many might overwhelm or scare off the user) 

While perfecting your CTAs takes a little work (you will probably need to do some testing with which text, color combinations, and placement work), it’s well worth it when you see the results that effective CTAs can bring to your business—like more leads, sales, and revenue—and who wouldn’t want that?   

6 Calls to Action for Your Website

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