6 Best Social Commerce Trends That Can Bring Amazing Sales & Revenue

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In simple terms, social commerce is a blend between social media and eCommerce that has made online shopping a seamless and user-friendly social experience for consumers.

Ever since commerce arrived on social media platforms, it gave new directions and goals to brands. 

It has opened up a stream of never-ending opportunities that brands can dig as deep as they want, and each time they’ll find a new social commerce trend to fulfill their marketing aspirations.

So, we decided to bring you six new social commerce trends that bring amazing sales, revenue, and fulfillment for your brand.

6 Best Social Commerce Trends

Visually Appealing Social Store Fronts

Social commerce has enabled brands to turn their business accounts on social media into shoppable storefronts. With Instagram and Pinterest, brands can switch to shoppable and tag the products on their posts with shoppable pins or tags. It enables consumers to explore a brand’s entire catalog and purchase it without any other website involved.

Facebook also has its Facebook Shop that is mainly to help small businesses. Brands can create and optimize their social shop on Facebook with the free features Facebook provides to make the store look unique and branded to engage the visitors. 

With Social commerce, brands have managed to tap into their target audience’s social behavior without interrupting it, ensuring better conversions than an eCommerce website brought for them. 

Shoppable Galleries On Website

Many social commerce platforms like Taggbox Commerce, Yotpo, etc., provide services where you can create a shoppable gallery of your products and embed it on your eCommerce website. It makes the website experience more seamless and memorable for the visitors.

They no longer have to go through the entire website, and they can explore all your products from the shoppable gallery. Not just that, these shoppable galleries come with product tags that enable users to make direct purchases of the product without going through the entire website.

The user-friendly and seamless behavior of shoppable galleries has helped brands boost their conversion rates and improve their customers’ eCommerce experience like never before.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers and content creators are the real game players of social media. For example, 90% of Instagram users follow them, and many of them are influenced by their recommendations. So why not use this as an opportunity to collaborate with your target audience’s favorite influencers?

Post pictures of influencers using your product and tag these posts as shoppable. Make sure the ones that you choose have an audience similar to your target audience. Again, it helps to make the most out of your investment.

When your target audience comes across your shoppable posts with influencers posing for you, it increases the possibilities of conversions.

Frictionless Purchase Journey

There was a time when website bounce rate and cart abandonment rates were the biggest fear of every eCommerce brand. That’s because eCommerce websites were not device-friendly and user-friendly, and consumers faced many obstacles before they could even reach the payment gateway page.

It was easy for customers to get distracted. But with social commerce, brands can be where their customers are. Social commerce platforms provide quick mobile payments, and users no longer have to spend time filling lengthy payment details pages.

Social commerce platforms like Instagram enable users to make a successful purchase with fewer clicks by leaving no room for distractions.

Live-Stream Shopping

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have recently added high-quality live-streaming features. To add to that, social commerce has introduced live-stream shopping. There are many ways brands can utilize this feature.

Brands can collaborate with influencers or celebrities to do live streams where they show use cases of their products. And they can add a product tag on the live stream that the viewers can click on to buy the product while the live stream is still on. 

It enables brands to influence and convince audiences to make purchase decisions right there not to get distracted after the live stream is over.

Shoppable UGC

The impact of user-generated content on consumers is known to all. No one makes an online purchase anymore until they have read at least one or two reviews and come across two to three real-life experiences of their peer consumers with the product they wish to buy.

Identify and incorporate UGC in your social commerce platform. Shorten the purchase journey of your target audience by giving them everything they are seeking in one place. 

You can create a shoppable UGC gallery for your website, or you can repost content created by your loyal customers on social commerce platforms and tag them as shoppable so that it builds trust among your potential customers.

Over To You

We have now reached the end of this blog, where you got to know about some of the leading social commerce trends and how you can implement them in your marketing strategy.

So! It’s time to stop waiting and start doing as all the positive conversions are waiting for you!

6 Best Social Commerce Trends That Can Bring Amazing Sales & Revenue

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