6 Best Credit Card Apps For Android

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With significant developments on the internet, the banking sector has exploited the web efficiently and provides novel services to customers. Today, the trend has emerged to carry out transactions through mobile phones, the internet, direct bill payment, electronic fund transfer, and I–banking. 

Moreover, internet banking has improved banking transactions with better security options and the confidentiality of user information.

Credit card processors have been rolled out recently, thereby enabling merchants to sell to the customers wherever they meet up, on the go. The processor provides a service or device to an online credit card generator, allowing merchants to accept credit cards and send credit card payment details to the credit card network. 

Further, the payment authorization is forwarded back to the acquiring bank. The simple principle of credit card processors can be explained as given above. Therefore, a credit card payment app allows businesses to process card payments using a mobile device.

Given below is a list of apps and readers for mobile credit card processing. These apps include a variety of features to manage inventory and transactions. Besides, there are both free as well as premium readers to handle all levels of mobile sales.


Square is the best overall credit card reader, mainly because of its large number of trusted users. Square is relatively easy to use, secure, and trusted by its consumers. Apart from this, Square also remits the funds in less than a day. Moreover, they enable payments in offline mode as well and pay the usual rate per swipe. 

The card information is encrypted; the app does not store any device data after the payment has been processed. The app is accessible to all users, ranging from small merchants to large-scale businesses. The app and the reader are provided free. Available on both iOS as well as Android.


EMSplus is also a low-cost service provider with a free app and reader. The app mainly features email receipts and invoices, cash register mode with product categories and pictures, tip functionality, etc. Moreover, the app stores the user data securely, efficiently modify the records and generates reports. 

EMSplus also has a 24hour customer support system, live chat, and voice authorization ready to serve its users on the go. Apart from these, the swipe rate of EMSplus is the lowest compared to others with no annual or monthly fees. Available on both iOS as well as Android.


PayAnywhere has a customizable mobile app and reader that accepts credit card payments and helps manage your business. They get the funds deposited within the very next business day. They create an item library with barcodes, multiple prices, and modifiers and enter the quantity on hand. 

Further, the app also has a provision to add or scan files or images with the device’s camera or connect to any other compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner. It is safe and secure and has a large number of trusted users. Available on both iOS as well as Android.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here has a free app and reader that accept both credit and debit cards, sends invoices, tracks cash and check payments. It has features and tools to manage inventory and employees. It also helps create and send customized invoices. 

While launching, PayPal Here automatically gets connected to the most recently used card reader. Further, the app does not require any monthly fee, setup fee, cancelation fee, and no processing minimums. It is available on Android, OS as well as Windows. 


The Shopify point-of-sale app and reader accept credit cards on the go or in your retail store. Besides, the app also processes orders, takes payments, swipes credit cards, produces receipts, and controls it all from your iPad or smartphone. 

The Shopify online store automatically synchronizes with Shopify POS, thereby helping manage the entire business from one dashboard. All product and inventory updates in the Shopify admin will instantly take effect in the Shopify POS. Available on both iOS as well as Android. 

Credit Card Terminal

Credit Card Terminal offers a feature-rich app and reader for e-mobile payments. The app provides features such as maps, signatures, receipts, refunds, history, and many more. Further, all transactions from the app and website are reviewed and refunded adequately. 

The app also accurately computes sales tax. It can be easily toggled ON or OFF by a simple tap. Moreover, the app also encrypts transaction data during the sale and destroys sensitive card information not to get stored in the operating system. Available on iOS, Android, as well as Windows.

6 Best Credit Card Apps For Android

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