6 Benefits of Creating an eCommerce Site on Magento Open-Source Platform

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Building and managing an online store for your e-commerce business can be a daunting task. This is even more true for those who aren’t developers and lack the budget to hire a professional. 

But knowing the problem is already half of the solution. That’s where Magento, an open-source platform for e-commerce sites, comes in. Using Magento is helpful because it is mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and offers custom integrations. 

In fact, it helps to think of Magento the same way as WordPress. 

WordPress is used to easily create and publish content, while Magento makes it easier to manage eCommerce stores. Of course, you’ll eventually need to understand Magento SEO marketing and migrate to Magento to make things work. But at the heart of it all is a straightforward solution. The platform is simple, but it gets the job done.

 Below, we’ve listed six reasons how Magento can help your business grow online. 

1. Mobile & SEO-Friendly

Magento is designed with SEO in mind. As such, using it can let you easily optimize your product pages and descriptions. This is great for businesses who need to provide information about their products for customers. What’s more, the platform generates short URLs, so it’s not too long compared to other eCommerce sites.

Did you know that mobile purchases will be worth $3.56 trillion in 2021? If that data teaches us anything, more people are using mobile devices to complete a purchase. Magento is mobile-friendly, making it a practical solution. 

2. Comprehensive Analytics Tools

Tracking and collecting data is one of the most important things you need to do when managing an eCommerce store. After all, it helps you monitor and analyze customer behavior. As a result, you can adjust your approach based on your data for greater business growth.

Magento makes your job easier because it compiles reports on sales, cart abandonment, average order value, product availability, and more. By looking at this data, you can ensure customer satisfaction every time. In turn, you can expand your pool of loyal patrons that will want to do business with you again. 

3. Scalability

As a business owner, you must expand your reach. Magento is designed to handle this kind of scalability. It can store hundreds to thousands of products without experiencing lags or delays. And since you have the analytics to track everything, you don’t have to worry about adjustments or management.

You can focus all your attention on product quality, customer engagement, and business expansion. So even if you’re a small business looking to grow, you don’t need to change your platform once you achieve this growth. All you need to do is adjust your strategy when using Magento. 

4. Fast Loading Speed

In today’s digital world, people often have shorter attention spans and want to answer their questions right away. And the world of digital marketing is no exception to this type of buyer behavior. 

So what does this mean to you as a business owner? First, you’ll need to make sure that your site loads fast. Otherwise, your customers could move to your competitors. 

Magento is designed to help load your site at incredible speed. This allows your business to take advantage of people’s short attention spans and increase your sales. Even if you have many products in your store, Magento can help load the page with blazing fast speed. 

5. Merges Easily with Third-Party Platforms

While Magento can handle most of the eCommerce tasks of your business, you’ll still need other applications to run it. However, Magento makes this process hassle-free because it can easily integrate with other platforms like PayPal, eBay, MailChimp, and more.

 And if you want to use more analytics tools, you can merge them with Magento. Either way, it’s easy to use Magento with other useful platforms to drive up your sales. 

6. Highly Customizable

Magento is highly customizable. But it’s important to understand that you’ll need to code everything from scratch if you want to develop a unique design.  

Since Magento is an open-source platform with over 240,000 users, you won’t have to look very far to find the right plug-ins for your site. Everything you need is already available, and these plug-ins offer different solutions like payment shipping, processing, user engagement, and more.

Ready to use Magento? Even though the change may seem daunting at first, it’s worth migrating to Magento if you want to expand your business and achieve your goals.

Magento is a great option whether you’re a start-up or a big business. As long as you’re eager to learn about Magento SEO marketing and Magento SEO-friendly practices, your hard work will surely pay off. After all, you’ll end up saving time and money in the long run.

6 Benefits of Creating an eCommerce Site on Magento Open-Source Platform

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