6 Amazing SEO Techniques That Double Your Search Traffic!

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The ranking of posts on the search engine results page (SERP) is the ultimate test for every blogger. While there is no exact guide for yours to be at the top, it is essential to know how and why others do better.

Here are some of the techniques you should know.

1. Post valuable content on social media.

Posting something on social media is one thing, and posting on a reliable social media platform is another. The latter boosts rankings better.

Your aim through your posts is to build a robust profile. By this, coupled with your interesting content, you will be able to make known your brands’ presence and the keywords you wish to be ranked.

LinkedIn is one of the giants; it provides content for professionals. By professionals, we also mean specialists who have a particular skill set. Publishing here even once a month for as long as it has a very dedicated specific audience spares you the trouble of competing with other general posts.

SlideShare, like its name suggests, shares slideshow presentations for its visitors. The more social media that you use, is better because your brand will be connected to more topics or more specialized fields of expertise in this case.

Quora is also very authoritative because it is supplied with the minds of well-rounded people.

2. Spread out your brandings with YouTube.

In every search result, more usually than not, YouTube videos appear on the first page. Therefore, it is convenient to use its popularity to your vantage point.

Always update the description of your friends’ or your own YouTube video. Ensure that your branding’s intention in the description leaves an imprint in your viewers’ minds. By doing so, don’t forget that the context of the description should still be relevant to that YouTube video.

Remember to incorporate the URL of your sites to your YouTube channel and video descriptions in as much as applicable.

  YouTube has thought of this too, and they have thought as well to put their SEO efforts applicable on relevant sites.

Remember that it’s a tedious investment, but it is impossible to land the first page on search engine results through this.

On a side note, don’t forget about the following two essential points we usually take for granted.

Add a transcript to your video for viewers’ better understanding. Through this, even search engines will have an easier time understanding the videos’ relevance to the actual content. If possible, don’t forget to put your primary keywords on your transcript as well.

Aside from the standard reason that YouTube is very popular, hosting your video on YouTube means that you can go away with the danger of slowing your site speed.

3. Include high-quality photos and graphics.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason to include high-quality photos and graphics – they are a very engaging tool; the essential requirement has a good-quality camera. Because decent images are very engaging, they must be optimized for perfection.

  • In naming your images, use plain language and be very descriptive.
  • Optimize the text alternatives or alt attributes too.
  • Reduce file size, so people visiting your site won’t be troubled with a slow site loading rate. Choosing the right file type for your photo is also equally important. JPEG, GIF, and PNG have some differences you should know how to play with.

Now, let’s talk about infographics.

Infographics being visual images representing information, helps in making your posts more interesting and more memorable.

For starters, Canva is a good source of numerous default layouts for infographics. And for more personalized infographics to match your site, go to Easel.

4. Organize your content well so that it provides the best user experience.

So that your reader can easily find the points he clicked for, you can make use of a table of contents for very long blogs or site maps where your readers can navigate well in your materials.

Satisfying the informational need of your reader should come without making him bored. It would be best if you aimed here because your reader will also come back because he had a good experience.

This strategy is fundamental because having a loyal audience is like having insurance that your blogs will never have zero readerships.

5. Affiliate photos to their corresponding original sites through image credits.

You can affiliate them directly with your brands by asking sites to provide proper credits.

The process is called a reverse image search. It is a link-building technique. To explain, you need to make sure that when someone uses your picture, he has the proper link attached to it, making the site visitors come back to your posts.

The steps are easy:

  • Right-click on an image you are sure originally belongs to you.
  • Highlight and copy the image address.
  • Paste this into the search bar of Google. Then click search.
  • Click search by image on the line – For matching images, try a search by image.
  • One by one, click the URLs which will appear afterward. These are web pages where the image is used.
  • See to it that they all link to your site; if not, contact the administrator.


Affiliate photos to their corresponding original sites through image credits.

6. Multiply your reach with video promotion.

Search engines don’t only use text and images for SEO. Videos are essential to them also. A mixture of images, text, and video helps in the classification of valuable and varied content.

By 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be because of videos. So no wonder why search engines are eager to rank websites with video content.

If you have a very compelling video, other site owners will have enough reason to link your video. Thus you can build links to this, further promoting your site. This is a perfect link-building strategy.

The chain of good news doesn’t end there. The more people sharing and linking your videos, the more views the videos will likely get – the more valuable the linked sites become to search engines.

You can make use of title cards, end cards, or tangible logos on the videos themselves. At least if they won’t click the links, your viewers will have an awareness of your brands’ existence.


Indeed, a lot of criteria were already made for search engines’ ranking algorithms. You can always try a little of some of these, or better, you can still fully understand how they work and make a new strategy out of these.

6 Amazing SEO Techniques That Double Your Search Traffic!

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