5 Ways To Perform An Insightful SaaS SEO Competitor Analysis

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5 Ways To Perform An Insightful SaaS SEO Competitor Analysis

Maybe you’re looking for a new way to augment your existing SEO strategy. Maybe you haven’t put much effort into your organic research over the past few months, which warrants a little extra thought and effort. Or, maybe you want to beat your competition and stay in the lead.

Want to run a successful SEO strategy for your new SaaS business? We’ve put together eight actionable steps to help you move from small-time to big-time.

You can easily find competitors to your product with Affiliate’s crawler.

Before deciding on how to start your competitive analysis, you need to know who your competitors are. Fortunately, searching search engines makes it easy to find out who they are.

You should always make it a habit to check your website’s search rankings when looking for keywords to include in your strategy. You can do this quickly by typing them in the Google search bar or checking your website analytics.

On most occasions, your focus will be on the content of your page. However, looking at the top-of-page PPC ads might be helpful in understanding where you need to spend more money.

You can find well-known competitors using SaaS review websites like Crunchbase, G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius and Saas sites like Scalefusion MDM. Here you can find out what a company does, what keywords they use to describe their product or service, and how users rate the product.

Whether these companies are direct competitors because they’re keyword-related and competition is the enemy of any business doesn’t matter.

The example results below from Google show some keyword tools that may be useful for applying SEO to digital products. As a search engine optimization company, we can see that Skale is the first result for “SEO SaaS Tools” and have a second location after doing an AdWords campaign.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or aspiring brand manager, it’s important to know how your competitors compare. Make sure you’re keeping all the information from these analyses in a spreadsheet to make an informed decision about who to use for your next project.

5 Ways To Perform An Insightful SaaS SEO Competitor Analysis

There are many ways to analyze a competitor’s content. Multiple AI tools help to strategize content in the proper format. Start by finding at least five competitors to run your analysis on. This will give you more comprehensive data to help you make actionable changes to your SEO strategy.

Identify a high-value subject.

After researching your direct and indirect competitors, the next important thing is to determine their rankings for your solution and keywords.

Luckily, keyword research tools exist to help you determine which keywords your competitors are ranking for. For example, a keyword gap analysis is a process meant to identify the keywords that your competitors rank highly in while you don’t.

Make sure these keywords are really valuable. When looking at search volume and traffic, those with high numbers or are related to your business should be prioritized.

Although there are many great SEO tools to use, here are some of the very best:

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a website auditor that provides comprehensive insights about site health and SEO-related issues.

If you’re familiar with SEO tools, the Site Explorer is a great way to see what your competitors are ranking for. Enter their name in the search bar, and you’ll have to access the most important keywords they rank for. You can exclude non-relevant keywords and only focus on those that will move the needle.

The free version of Automat is limited in features, but you get it for $99.

Key Word Explorer Usage

This tool helps you research and discover the competition in your niche on the web. Search per domain or keyword, then get insights on keywords, search volume, and more. Get three daily free searches with our Lite version, which has a cheaper pricing structure for smaller businesses.

A keyword explorer is a tool for finding what keywords are being used for your website.

All you have to do is log in with your editor account to access the tool. Your marketing information is important and is something that search engines are looking for. The engine will analyze your keywords’ competitiveness and where your competitors rank on search engine listings.

Inbound Content Optimization

This free tool by Ubersuggest allows you to understand better how users search on your website. Utilize this data as part of your inbound content strategy and watch it boost your SEO!

To stay competitive within the SaaS world, your company needs to look closely at what information your customers are searching for. This will help you better understand their needs and how they see you or your product on the internet.

Now that you’ve done a thorough backlinking job take the next step and compare your results with your competitors to see where you excel and where you’re falling short.

Now that you’ve got your competitors and their ranking keywords, you’ll want to run a backlink analysis. We have plenty of articles and blog posts on SEO and free strategy books we’re happy to send you. Backlinks signal search engines that the website is an authoritative source.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult thing to do manually. However, one of the many SaaS SEO tools can help. Log in from time to time to ensure that your links on search engines point to you but not your competitors.

Number of Tools Used for Optimization

Moz’s Link Explorer will help you generate external links, help you understand low-quality links, pinpoint vital information on your competitors, and provide insight into organic search data.

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a powerful software tool that uses Google’s ranking algorithms to discover pages with their respective title and all the words close to the page’s URL and then ranks them accordingly. It is also possible to analyze competitors’ websites and gather insights on the keywords they’re competing on.

Sometimes marketers try to attract web traffic to boost sales. To do this, they will often bid on relevant keywords with small or no budgets and receive little or no results. The SEMRush Backlink Gap Tool discovers how many competitors are bidding for the same keywords where your site falls behind the competition.

Now that you know the websites your competitors are linking to and the types of content they’re linking to, you can make the necessary changes for the agencies that align with your agency’s point of view. You’ll also be able to see your top competitor sites so that you can contact them for a link.

If you want a stronger backlinking strategy to generate more website traffic and improve your rankings, here are nine reasons you should outsource some SaaS link building.

To maximize your content marketing, consider the content of your competitors.

Making content high-quality and valuable is important, but so is how you present it. Creating content that people want is the key to sticking out from others in search engines.

Previous steps have mostly been automated. Next, we will take an in-depth look at your competitor’s content to determine a comparison score for relevance and quality. It’s a more hands-on process, but the result will be worth it.

Are you seeking to understand how to improve your content marketing strategy? First, read what your competitors have written and examine their data. Then compare the results with your own and look for insights, weaknesses, strengths, and differences.

The purpose of a competitive analysis is not to mimic what the other website is doing. You want to understand why people visit their site instead and use your strengths to drive those search rankings up to the top!

Keep in mind the user experience.

You need to know how your competitors’ websites perform online to see how you can improve. It’s not just about SEO efforts like keywords, length of content, and backlinks. Google also cares about the overall user experience, like the ease of navigation and accessibility on different devices.

Google looks at how websites are structured and what they think is best. They do this by analyzing how competitors break up their pages and how accessible it is for the users visiting them. One way to be closer to achieving a user experience that your user’s love would be to pay attention to how your competitors are structuring their web pages.

Finally, you’re ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level. It’s important to remember that all good marketing is practice-based, so keep honing and adapting your strategy when necessary. Once you’ve done that, measure, rinse, and repeat!

You need to measure how your marketing campaign is constantly doing. But, also be on the lookout for your competition. They might’ve guessed how you’re marketing and are already capitalizing on it.

Effective marketing strategies will bring in more customers, build stronger relationships with existing customers, and maintain your company’s ranking.

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