5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

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Have a website with low traffic? Maybe you haven’t tried marketing campaigns like SEO and PPC? If your problem still prevails, this article is for you.

Web Design is among the most vital aspects of building a website. It can make or break your website if not used correctly. Many web design agencies in California fail to curate the perfect website for their clients. Irrespective of the proficiencies of their web designers, the issue of low website traffic still looms there.

All of this leads us to the question,

How to Solve the Issue of Low Traffic?

Your web design strategies can heavily impact your ranking on search engines – commonly referred to as SEO(Search Engine Optimization)- accordingly, your web design should cater to SEO as much as it can.

Here are a few ways you can achieve that :

1. Website Coding – Clean code is key

Several aspects of your code helpful in building your web pages, like JavaScript, can restrict or inhibit your most important content on the site from being crawled by search engines. Some inexperienced developers are also guilty of creating code on your web pages that is so inefficient that it pushes the main content and keywords too far down the page. Google’s search engine crawlers will stop crawling it and miss out on it entirely. The consequences? a low-ranked website in the search engines with little to no traffic.

2. Establish A Blog – How website blogs generate more traffic

Business blogging is among the most popular tactics used to direct traffic to your website for several reasons. First, business blogs have become an integral component of successful web marketing and are used by most online businesses. Besides, Google also states that fresh content on your site means a big box for them because you’re contributing regular helpful information and gives them a reason to lead website traffic to you over a competitor. Finally, blogging is a reliability metric which if done right, expresses your knowledge and expertise.

3. Website Responsiveness

Essentially, a responsive website is developed so that it automatically adjusts its structure to match the screen size of the device. It keeps images optimized according to the screen width and prevents visitors from mobile devices from abandoning your website due to inefficient display. A responsive website enhances the user experience since it adapts to any device to display content effectively. Hence the user will have a good experience irrespective of whether they visit the website on a handheld device or desktop computer. Google notoriously admits that it penalizes websites that are not responsive.

4. Site Speed

If your website is not quick enough to load, it results in a poor user experience forcing potential visitors to jump ship, moving on to another site instead. Google search engine crawlers will also penalize you by ranking you lower in their search engine results pages for presenting users with a negative experience. Users mostly only click on the top-ranking search results on the first page. Images and videos can increase the amount of time your website takes to load. These elements are crucial for user engagement, and your web design strategy needs to cater to how these elements will be rendered in such a way to prevent both visitors and search engines from having a negative experience on your website.

5. Content Optimization – Why it is necessary

Until now, we have talked about how you can create a website that search engines like Google can crawl. The importance of better-structured websites and how to lead visitors to them. Now we will look into another important aspect of curating better websites, On-page optimization. On-page optimization means including search-related keywords throughout your content. Primarily in crucial places within your website, content and code (page titles, meta descriptions, images, etc.) indicate to Google that your website proposes the answers to their customer’s search queries. Your web design plan needs to ensure that your web pages are fully optimized and found easily.

5 ways to Increase Website Traffic

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