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5 Ways to Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram

With 200 million users visiting at least one business profile each day, it’s easy to see why Instagram has shaped up to be one of the best tools for marketing today. Not only does the social media platform allow businesses to find its target market, it also lets them engage with followers in a way that more traditional forms of media (like TV and radio) cannot.

Posting the right content on Instagram allows you to gain insight into their followers through likes and comments, share product updates and information, build affinity and loyalty for your brand, and more importantly, drive traffic to your company website — which, in the world of e-commerce and online shopping, could very well lead to purchase and profit.

Sound interesting? Read on, and we’ll show you five easy ways you can use Instagram to increase traffic to your website.

Put Your Link on Your Profile

If your website has a landing page, your Instagram account has your profile page.

It’s the first place your audience will look if they want to see an overview of your brand, which is why it’s crucial to keep your website’s link on your profile. Create a short, interesting description of what your brand is all about, and below it, add the link to your site.

5 Ways to Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram   

Each profile has short and sweet descriptions with links leading to a website, shopping page, or a new branded video on YouTube.

Aside from being accessible to your audience, one thing to note is that your profile page is the one and only area you can place a hyperlink. You can also explore sharing links to pages you need to lead traffic to. Got a sale coming up? Link your audience directly to the promo page of your site. Got a video you want people to see? Link your audience to your YouTube page. If you’re using a link that’s different from your main site, chances are it’ll be long and clunky. Remember to run them through link shorteners like Bit.ly and TinyURL before adding them to your Instagram profile.

Turn Your Posts into Ads

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Another way to drive your Instagram audience to your website is by investing in sponsored posts. Unlike organic posts, you can make your ads clickable by adding a call to action right below your image. One tap on your call to action button and your audience can instantly be redirected to your website.


Each post features a call to action specific to the objective of the ads.

Keep in mind that on top of making your posts clickable, they also need to be engaging. To ensure engagement, it’s important to create visuals that spark curiosity in your audience and makes them want to learn more. An easy way to do this is by adding captions to your images before posting them.

There are a number of photo-editing apps out there that you can download to amp up your visuals. One of our favorites is Instasize—the app has over 50 artisanal filters to choose from to make your photos eye-catching. It also offers typography tools to help you easily add stylized text to your visuals without cluttering your layout.

Instasize has a number of filters and typefaces for you to play around with.

End Your Captions with a Call to Action

After your audience has been drawn in by your visuals, the next thing they’re going to take a look at is your caption. There, they’ll look for information like the name of the product that you’re featuring, its price, and where they can purchase it.

That’s why aside from writing punchy captions that are both informative and interesting, it’s also good practice to invite your audience to visit your website. Although you can’t add hyperlinks in your captions, you can still note your website’s URL – especially if it’s short and easy for your audience to remember. If the URL of your website is a bit trickier to recall, ask people to click the link on your bio instead. Don’t forget to get creative with your hashtags!

For more information, audiences are invited to check out the links in each page’s profile.

Use Instagram Stories

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According to Instagram, a whopping one-third of the app’s top-viewed Stories are made and published by business accounts. This, of course, is great news for all businesses on the platform—and even greater news if you’re a verified user. Those with verified accounts can now add links to their Stories; viewers simply have to swipe up on the video or post and they can easily get to your page.

Add geotags to your Story to drive traffic to your physical store or invite them to check out the link to your online shop.

If you don’t have a verified account, fret not—there are plenty of other ways you can use Stories to boost clicks and sales. Explore using geotags, so your audience knows where to find your physical stores or booths. Make use of hashtags to boost views and traffic to both your Story and your page. You can also carry out polls to gain insight into the interests of your followers. No matter what your strategy, remember that if you have fun building your feed, your audience will have fun following it!

5 Ways to Increase Site Traffic Using Instagram

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