5 Ways to Boost Sales in Your Magento Store Using Reviews

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5 Ways to Boost Sales in Your Magento Store Using Reviews

Marketing in Magento is increasingly focused on the review section and how reputation is built from there. Reviews are helpful because they are a completely trustworthy form of management feedback and do not cost the company any money. Management reviews allow you to control the reviews that are being left on the page, starting with if people leave them or not. In addition, reviews allow customers and potential customers access to feedback on the products available via the Magento eCommerce site.

The entire process of leaving and reading the reviews is a straightforward one, no matter what form it takes. However, if you want to make things even easier for your customers, invest in an online form that will allow customers to share their reviews and ideas about the various products without needing any more input. Reviews are commonly trusted more than any other type of feedback due to their nature as the high-tech equivalent of passing on recommendations via word of mouth. Because of this, many sites have entirely automated receiving management reviews.

Enabling Customer Reviews

Enabling reviews on a Magento site can mean a number of things – they can be allowed on the site itself through comment sections and feedback forms or the use of an extension. As several different extensions are used, all of them have other ways to be used. Each particular method of reviewing has its advantages and disadvantages. Each one will be useful or not depending on several factors, such as what the retailer hopes to get out of the reviews, how their site operates, and so on.

Choose the Right Extensions

Magento eCommerce services have many different extensions for helping customers to write reviews. Choosing the correct extension will again depend on several factors. First, people asking for reviews will want to make it easy for people to leave reviews, so they will do well to pick an extension that complements their site and makes leaving reviews as painless a process as possible.

Advanced Reviews – this extension allows clients and customers to leave reviews based on radio buttons to increase or decrease their rating and give them a list of pros and cons, which can be filled in manually. People who are looking at the reviews can sort them based on various factors, and the reviews themselves can be shared via social media.

LipScore – this review extension allows customers and clients to leave the normal reviews and upload pictures and reviews of their purchases to give a more in-depth review.

Display Product Reviews

Product reviews are needed in Magento sites because the digital world means that people can now check up on reviews and products from other places before they commit to buying goods and services. Product reviews can be put on the Magento site properly or use an extension, as shown above. There is also the possibility of using a Google shopping campaign specifically, so the reviews left by other shoppers reach the people who are searching for that product. Using AdWords to get a product review on a search results page is one of the main ways to do that.

Putting Reviews on Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are becoming increasingly popular as the place for reviews to be read and written, so any Magento expert will tell you that having a way to appear on whichever form of social media is the most useful to your particular site. Ensure that the social media site can transition smoothly to the site itself and vice versa. Perhaps also consider having reviews available in both mediums. The retailer running the Magento site in question can actively put reviews on social media in two ways: either they can themselves set up a Facebook page and put reviews of products on it, or they can use a review extension that allows clients to put the reviews on social media if they choose, and encourage them to do so.

Follow-up Emails

Sending a follow-up email is one of the best ways to ensure that a customer will return to your site another day. It is also helpful for when a customer leaves a bad review, as it allows the site to try and smooth things over. Follow-up emails can be handled in various ways, with Magento being capable of creating the emails within itself. This is useful because Magento can create and save multiple emails within itself. Having multiple emails saved means that the retailer does not have to create an email from scratch every time and can take one of the pre-written emails and rewrite it slightly to fit more easily into the present circumstances. Using Magento to create the emails also serves a useful purpose in that it is the platform itself that saves customer details – the pre-written emails and the saved customer details (assuming that the customer has bought something, of course), allow for less work on the part of the retailer, as it is easy to combine the emails and the appropriate details.


Writing reviews on the product pages themselves is one way to get reviews written, but it does require people to come back to the original page to leave feedback. Reviews are essential for building a reputation; make leaving a review as easy and simple as possible, and the number of reviews you have will grow. As we have seen, the number of extensions and platforms can be used in various ways to help people leave reviews. Since there are so many different types of sites and almost as many ways to leave reviews, it is better to seek out the ways in which reviews can be left and used in a way which makes the most sense for the site under inspection, rather than what makes the most sense to anybody else.

Customer comfort is the priority here, as it is the best way to get reviews. There are so many extensions and add-ons in the process because, while Magento does have its review functionality, it is not the most easily navigated and, as a result, might affect reviews. On the other hand, using the extensions means creating a much more pleasant experience for the customer, leading to a greater chance of them leaving a review.


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5 Ways to Boost Sales in Your Magento Store Using Reviews