5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity with Onboarding Videos

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5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity with Onboarding Videos

According to the study, a solid onboarding process will improve new hires’ productivity in the first 90 days by 70%. However, many companies still fail to provide a positive onboarding experience for employees. 

Only one in ten people say their companies offer excellent onboarding processes. That means more employees have little valuable experience adjusting to the new environment. This negative impression from the early stage allows people to disengage from company culture, resulting in low productivity. 

One of the common mistakes employers make when training their new hires is to use the same old textual booklet for years. While you may think the written procedure contains detailed information about the company, it’s boring and hard to understand for new hires. That’s why you should use tools where employees can enjoy their onboarding process.

Many companies have used employee onboarding videos to train their new hires. Unlike textual documentation, videos help employees understand the message rather quickly, and more importantly, videos are more interesting to consume. 

5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity with Onboarding Videos

So, how do onboarding videos help boost employees’ productivity? Let’s dive in!

Start The Onboarding Process With A Personalized Welcome Video

The first day of work can be overwhelming for new hires. They tend to have mixed feelings, nervous and excited simultaneously. They might also wonder whether or not people in the company will accept them. 

You can make them more stressful from day one if you provide as much information in a monotonous manner without any proper welcoming moment.

You’ll need something fun to wow your new team members and reassure them of the value of their roles in the company. Show your company and its people eager to welcome beginners through a personalized welcome video. 

The video can be short and compelling enough if you include everyone saying hi to the new hires. You can create a short video with an inviting tone from the CEO, a Human Resources representative, a manager, and some new hires’ team members. 

The short video can keep the new hires engaged and at ease in their new position. It’s also an effective way to build a positive connection with new employees.

Show Off Your Company’s Culture

You can’t expect new hires to embrace your company’s culture in a day. However, you can help them to speed up. 

Videos are engaging media to explain complex information regarding a company’s vision, mission, and values, your online brand, and employee benefits. Compared to boring text-based explanations, the human brain can absorb 60,000 times faster if the information is more visual.

Are they not persuaded yet? Providing onboarding videos about company culture will help your new employees outline how people interact, collaborate, and engage. Once the new hires can engage with their team without fractions and ambiguity, they can improve the quality of work and productivity by 21%

More to that point, a clear explanation of company culture will make your new employee understand what you expect from them and the goals that they should achieve. So they can calibrate their efforts around the company’s goals. 

Explain Policies With Animated Video

According to research, 73% of new hires expect to get a detailed overview of company policies in their early workdays.

They keep using conventional documents that look intimidating to new employees. But, of course, you don’t want to intimidate your new employees and overwhelm them from the early days they join your company, do you? 

Now, transform the lengthy text into a series of animated onboarding videos! Videos make your new hires happier because they will only spend a few minutes learning about your policies. However, if you provide the policies in documents, they will take hours. 

Why should it be in the form of an animated video? It offers some benefits that text-based policies can’t give:

  • An animated video looks more friendly and fun. 
  • You can use music and a compelling color scheme on the video to spark your new hires’ desire to know more about your company. 
  • An animated video can improve recall by 15% or even more.
  • Compared to other types of videos, an animated video is more versatile. You can add or edit a particular part when it is necessary. 
  • An animated video is capable of transforming an abstract concept into digestible information.

Introduce The Team With A Two Minutes Video

Effective onboarding entails more than just explaining policies and the company’s culture. 

You can seize it to develop a solid relationship with new hires and establish a positive working environment by concisely summarizing its departments and teams. 

You don’t need to invite all people to join the onboarding program. Create a two minutes video that includes the:

  • A brief introduction about the vital personnel from each department and their role in the company
  • A short overview of the team members, where the new hires are, what the team does, and the upcoming goals
  • A brief introduction of the department and people that new hires will interact with

So they’ll know who will be working with them daily. 

Use Training Videos 

Recruiting top talents is not enough to make significant growth for your company. Skills training during onboarding is a critical phase in optimizing their skills. Your new employees can learn new knowledge and sharpen their skills to support their day-to-day duties. 

However, providing adequate training is challenging. Research suggests that most people forget over 60% of the training material after a week. That problem is avoidable by using videos to train your new employees! 

Training videos can boost retention. Scientifically, one study found that after three days, a user retained only 10-20 percent of written or spoken information but almost 65%percent of visual information.

Moreover, videos with conversational copy are suitable for various learners, including readers, listeners, or visual learners.

Final Takeaway

The onboarding process is a crucial phase for companies and new employees. It is a moment to open communication and make new employees engage. And videos are great tools that fit the needs. 

Presenting a personalized welcome video can establish a great connection with new employees from day one. Then, you can also utilize short videos to show the company’s culture, explain policies, and introduce some teams in the organization. 

In addition, you can also provide training videos to help new employees master vital skills to do their daily tasks. 

When done right, all the videos from the onboarding process and employee monitoring software can boost employee productivity because the new hires already engage with the company. But, more importantly, they get enough knowledge about their roles and culture.  

So, let’s invest in onboarding videos!

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