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Through the evolution of new technologies, the lifestyle of human beings has changed in every aspect. Every sector is stepped on with new technologies and innovations. One such sector is education. Technology is one of the important tools that connect the younger generation. Today’s classroom looks and operates differently when compared to a few years ago. Presently, classrooms comprise the interactive panel, smartphones, tablets, projectors, and so on. Technology has made both positive and negative impacts on the education system. This article explains some of how technology impact learning today.


In traditional teaching, teachers follow the chalk and board method. By using the chalk and board method, students can get only theoretical knowledge. They lack practical exposure. As there is a development in technology, it changes the way of accessing information. By practicing technology-oriented techniques in education, it benefits both students and teachers. Thinking about the teachers, it is not mandatory to stand the whole day and teach a subject. On the other hand, students can get practical knowledge that could be implemented in a real-time scenario.


In traditional learning, some students were struggling to learn new concepts and lack in self-paced learning. Technology-based learning helps this set of students and gives them a solution. When students practice technology learning, they could learn new concepts easily without intervention. Moreover, they are encouraged to self-paced learning. The students can able to clarify their doubts at any time without the help of a physical instructor. With the help of technology-based learning, students can advance at their own pace.


Chalkboard learning involves the cost of printing guides, books, and other learning materials, which are quite expensive. Apart from these costs, students should also pay for tuition fees, mentor fees, and school fees. Technology has made the students cut down on these unnecessary costs. In technology-based learning, students need to pay only once to set up an installation. Once the installation is complete, the students can make use of learning many times. The evaluation of new technology made it less expensive for students to get prepared for the examinations.


There are several ways in which technology has made learning more accessible. In today’s digital world, most students are not preferred to sit in a class for a very long time. Because of this, some students get frustrated about classroom learning. Therefore, technology provides a solution for accessibility. By learning through electronic learning, students can able to learn wherever irrespective of zones. Technologies such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones need only an internet connection. So with the help of these technologies, students can prepare for the exam whenever and wherever they wish. Additionally, learners can choose the mode such as videos, ebooks, or interactive quizzes for their learning styles.


Classroom learning offers only printed books and learning materials as these printed materials do not provide updated information for the students. By using printed learning, they lack in current affairs and happenings in the world. So they find it difficult to take part in competitive exams. Learning through technology provides updated information for the students. Moreover, they can achieve in a competitive world.

To conclude, Teaching is all about introducing students to a real and competitive world. Classroom technology is likely to be a modern invention. Technology always has both pros and cons. Sometimes, too much technology can cause a threat to the students. Everything has a certain limit and constraints. It is all about the students and faculty utilizing the technology properly.

Author Bio:

Varshini Murali is a content strategist of SchoolBasix, who researches the latest topics the education industry focuses on. She specializes in blogs that potential marketing and circulating across social media and holds a master’s degree in marketing.


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