5 Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs

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Twitter is becoming popular day by day, and it has no equal competitors now; it has a huge user base from an ordinary person to celebrities. So it is the best place to monitor the trending topics and engage with the users.

Although bluebird has its share and WordPress plugin, there are many plugins to integrate with your WordPress blog, which may help increase pleasure over the sharing of your readers, commentators, and Twitter followers. I selected five tools (that stand out) that cannot save your articles from tweeting!

  1. Tweet Meme

TweetMeme plugin allows your readers to tweet your articles if they like their Twitter profile through the integration of a button. Once attached to your Twitter account, the plugin provides the title of your article followed by a link shortcut. TweetMeme also has a site that ranks tweets based on their popularity (via the comments associated with it) and provides statistics. You can follow in detail the evolution of your articles.

2.  Twit This

A variant of Tweet meme, Twit is also popular with many bloggers. This button turns out to be a great way to increase your blog’s readership since clicking is published!

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3Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools integrates your Twitter account with your WordPress blog. With the plugin, you can automatically publish your articles on Twitter and show your daily or a weekly collection of tweets and publish them automatically as an article on your blog. In addition, you can show your latest tweets to your Twitter account in the sidebar through the widget provided.

4. Tweet Backs

Tweetbacks crucial tweets in your blog about one of your articles (which linked) by making them appear in the “comments.” You can view the comments with others (those written directly from your blog) or display them separately. So when someone tweets with one of your articles with their URL will be automatically included in your blog comments section.

5. Twitter Feed

Twitterfeed will allow you to quickly and easily publish your blog articles to Twitter from your RSS feeds. It also works to post on Facebook, and you can also choose to tweet items from your favorite blog and track statistics. Sometimes you need to repeat the tweets several times; you can schedule tweets at regular intervals in a Twitter feed.

I hope these 5 Twitter plugins are more than enough for your blog. The integration will make your blog more interactive and more attractive to other Twitter users, may cause more comments from Twitter users, and you might as well see an increase in the number of followers on Twitter and your blog readers.

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5 Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs

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