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5 Tips to Optimize Your Online Customer Experience

All business owners should know this: the customer is always right, even when they’re not. And with so many sharks in the online ocean, delivering an outstanding customer experience is definitely something that can improve brand awareness and make your business stand out from the rest.

When you improve the online customer experience, you’ll not only get satisfied customers but also increase your customer retention rate in the long run. To optimize the online shopping experience of your customers you just have to put a smart strategy in place by following the tips below.


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Engage with customers

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – get to know them and personalize their shopping experience accordingly, so the business-customer relationship can move to a meaningful level. Encourage them to share their feedback through customer reviews, surveys, and ratings. Reviews are especially important when it comes to engagement since they demonstrate business transparency, can strengthen trust and help the customer make a knowledgeable purchase. And the moment you get any negative feedback, make sure you take immediate action by promptly addressing the issue, so it can have a positive turnout for the customer.

Make checkouts easy

The simpler the checkout, the more customers will love you. They’re trying to give you their money, so keep the process short and sweet with just a few clicks. First, make sure you’re working with the right payment solutions platform, that enables uncomplicated online transactions by offering a wide variety of payment options, which will guarantee users don’t give up buying simply because you don’t offer their preferred payment method. Secondly, review your checkout page to make sure it includes a field to apply discount codes, clear prices and fees, detailed shipping options and costs, plus an easy way for customers to fill in their shipping details – never make them fill in their details twice.

Reward customer loyalty

Loyal customers spend more money over time and cost less to maintain – but we know it’s hard enough to attract new customers, let alone win their loyalty. That’s why you have to invest in a few simple incentives that will make all difference when your customers ask themselves ‘Should I stay or should I go?’. The trick is to make the rewards meaningful, personalizing the loyalty incentives. You can reward customer loyalty by providing exclusive discounts according to shopping habits; giving first-hand access to new products or sales prices before the general public; offering referral discounts to reward new customer recruitment and offering samples before a new product launch.

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Invest in high-quality assets

Research shows that the average attention span of an individual is currently 8 seconds, which means that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfishes but, most importantly, that high-quality on-site assets have never been more valuable. Today’s short attention span also means businesses need to step up their game to attract customers, engage them and, ultimately, get them to check out. Start by investing in high-quality product photos, with the options to zoom and see multiple angles. When it comes to content, it should follow the ‘less is more’ rule, as you don’t want to cluster the customer’s screen with too much information that might distract them from buying. And remember customers like their shopping experience to be as real as possible, so do provide photos of the products being used, plus straightforward descriptions.

Be contactable

Customers don’t have the patience to look for contact details, so you have to make those visible and clear – they should be found in seconds. This tip might seem too simple, but it’s a really important one, since when you make it easy for customers to contact you, that makes your business available, approachable and interactive in their eyes.

Bonus tip: if you want to go the extra mile, a live chat will give you brownie points! If you add this feature to the online customer experience you’ll build an interactive relationship with your customers, being able to provide real-time customer service, as well as receive real-time feedback.

5 Tips to Optimize Your Online Customer Experience

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