5 Tips on Writing Engaging Content for your Hemp Startup

When you’re just starting with cannabis or hemp, growing your customer base can be difficult. Of course, you want to get people excited about your brand and products, but making entertaining or engaging content is often very time-consuming, especially if you have some cannabis industry expertise but are not a writer by trade.

Some cannabis entrepreneurs might write cannabis blog posts themselves, but many companies prefer expert cannabis content writing services.

A good cannabis marketing strategy starts with some good cannabis writing. This guide will cover five tips on writing engaging cannabis content for your site. These strategies are geared towards new brands or companies trying to drum up interest in their products. Still, these concepts could also apply to blogs for established cannabis brands looking to increase reader engagement.

1) Call Out to Readers’ Imaginations

Telling cannabis users to imagine something can go a long way in creating interest. This is especially true if you are trying to get cannabis users interested in buying your product or reading more about it on your site.

People looking up cannabis information on the internet are possibly interested in cannabis but are not cannabis smokers, growers, or distributors already. So call out to their imaginations by asking them what they think of when they hear about cannabis products or activities related to cannabis.

2) Use the AIDA Framework for your sales copy

The AIDA framework is a marketing concept used to write copy for retail products or services. The letters stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. In the cannabis industry, the “desire” portion of this acronym can be problematic because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. However, you can elicit interest from cannabis consumers by highlighting a benefit that will appeal to them or describing how your product or service is different from others on the market.

3) Provide helpful information about cannabis products and usage

Many people have misconceptions about cannabis since it has been demonized in pop culture and media as being a dangerous drug with negative consequences associated with its use (i.e., addiction). Educate your audience by providing useful information about cannabis and cannabis products. This will help them make a more informed decision about using cannabis and your company’s cannabis-based product or service.

4) Write engaging content

To increase traffic and followers on your website or social media page, you need to write articles that people want to read.

The cannabis community is an eclectic mix of cannabis users, including your typical person who uses cannabis once or twice a week, as well as cannabis connoisseurs that spend hours analyzing the best cannabis strains and products available. To cater to this audience, you must write about cannabis from multiple angles. For example, you should include information on how cannabis works, its effects on the body, strain guides for new users looking to find their favorite strains instantly without having to do extensive research online each time they smoke marijuana, and general product guides to show people which vaporizers provide a better smoking experience than others.

5) Write evergreen blog content for SEO

The cannabis industry is a rapidly growing industry. Writing blog content that gets readers involved and makes them want to return to your website for more cannabis information in the future is an essential part of cannabis marketing.

Evergreen blog content means that the topics you write about will hold up over time, so even if it’s been a few months since you published your post, people can still come back to it and get value out of it. The best cannabis blogs provide helpful information on different strains and products without pushing cannabis sales or business leads too heavily – cannabis blog posts should be informational and engaging first and foremost.

To sum it all up:

Cannabis Blogs should be educational, engaging, and up-to-date to engage cannabis blog readers.

A single cannabis entrepreneur might have several employees or cannabis content writing services for their company website. While each blogger might offer their unique perspective on cannabis, there must be a centralized voice throughout – this means that all posts should sound like the same person writes them.

5 Tips on Writing Engaging Content for your Hemp Startup

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