5 Tips on How to Improve your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

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While many marketing strategies are applicable for eCommerce companies, it is essential to analyze specific techniques that are leverageable for eCommerce marketing campaigns. Below we will outline some of the best marketing strategies for eCommerce companies.

Interact With Your Customers

Answer all questions on forums or comment boxes. This helps to cut down on your work. When you answer one question, you could be clarifying the same question or problem for ten other people wondering the same thing. Every interaction you have with a customer is a chance to generate return sales and build brand loyalty. Remember to remain professional when responding to reviews of any kind.

Learn the Value Behind Loyalty Programs

Regardless of its size, each company should consider rolling out a loyalty program for its customers. Loyalty programs are very beneficial and bring in an entirely new wave of business once they are implemented. Many marketers are intimidated by the potential cost of running a loyalty program. However, various strategies can be utilized to make sure you can still increase sales and continue to make customers happy.

Some of the main reasons loyalty programs are successful are that they help build up a reputation and maintain client satisfaction. Consumers are constantly thinking about their favorite brands. People will often run a quick comparison between brands, and the thing that will stand out the most are loyalty programs and rewards. For example, a look at Vitality Extracts loyalty rewards program has created a simple infographic for their customers to learn about new ways to earn points. They even went a step further to personalize their point system by naming their points ‘vibes’ to be more brand-oriented.

loyalty programs are successful


Image Source: Vitality Extracts

Make Your Website Interactive

Interacting with your clients is a must, but many small companies do not have the bandwidth to help every customer on a unique and personal level. If done correctly, many uncertainties and hesitations on websites can be cleared up by introducing an interaction portion. Many companies rely heavily on their ‘self-serving’ aspect of their site to help automate their services to their customers. A great example of this GoodLife welcomes its readers to use their reverse mortgage calculator to access more information about their eligibility for a reverse mortgage.

Make Your Website Interactive

Image Source: GoodLife Home Loans

These self-serving operations will help cut down on the number of time companies spend with clients. Instead, these interactive pieces help point customers in the right direction to help them answer their questions. This means no waiting ‘to speak to a representative. Instead, the customers get what they need and can accomplish more in less time.

Mobile-Friendly Blog Content

Online purchases made on mobile devices are skyrocketing. Fewer people are sitting at their desktops purchasing items or scrolling through influencer feeds. Instead, they are relying heavily on their mobile devices. Yes, the content might look great on a desktop, but companies need to stay current with the way consumers are coming across their brand on social media and other platforms. A popular way to stand out to readers and offer more curb appeal to your blog posts is by including ‘trending memes’ and relevant content. ProFlowers does a great job of staying on top of the ball when producing great content for every occasion. This blog was about giving couples ideas for Valentine’s Day, and the blog is broken up into sections of stages of a relationship. In addition, all their blogs are broken up into clear sections, and they always offer informative ideas to help make the most of every celebration.

Mobile-Friendly Blog Content

Image Source: ProFlowers

The great idea is to scope out other blog content on other sites to help spark ideas. The great idea is to see what your blog look likes on multiple devices so that all readers can receive the same value that the content offers.

Give Back

Keep customers active and engaged in your business. Offering discount codes and special offers is one way to do this. Let them know that you value their business by giving back. Using social media to drive this home has proven to be very effective. Many companies have started asking users to like their posts, tag a friend in the comments and follow their page for a chance to win a gift or prize. This generates buzz about your business and gets people excited about the opportunity to experience your products. Just choose a prize, set entry criteria, include a time constraint, and get people talking about your brand!

5 Tips on How to Improve your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

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