5 Tips For Photographing Jewelry for eCommerce Stores

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5 Tips For Photographing Jewelry For eCommerce Stores

Jewelry is amongst one of the most popular eCommerce stores available online. Many jewelry business owners can make high-quality jewelry products with low cost and little time investment. Unique jewelry pieces are continuously in high demand from consumers who want stylish pieces but prefer to shop online due to a more extensive collection. 

But, one of the most common mistakes that eCommerce jewelry stores make is taking poor-quality photographs of their jewelry collections. When it comes to photographing their collections, a lot of eCommerce store owners can be put off by how small and intricate their products are and don’t use their features to their full potential. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips for photographing jewelry for eCommerce stores to maximize your returns and make your store more attractive to customers.

Use natural light

You might think that using a flash when photographing jewelry will make the pieces sparkle, but it can compromise the photographic quality of your jewelry pieces. This is because jewelry pieces will reflect the bright flash of the light, which will leave the product covered in white spots or surrounded by harsh shadows in the background. 

Unless you’re a skilled photographer or are using a professional, then it is recommended that you use natural lighting with as much indirect sunlight as possible. For example, position your product as close to a window, avoid the bright midday sun, or diffuse the light by covering a window with white paper or a white sheet. 

Avoid using different angles.

When it comes to having a successful eCommerce store, one of the easiest ways to make your eCommerce store more appealing to customers is by making sure that your jewelry pieces are photographed using the same angle. This makes it easy for the customer to see the piece’s exact design, shape, or fittings. Big jewelry brands, such as Tiffany & Co, use very consistent angles in all their imagery. To ensure that you are using consistent angles, it’s best to use a tripod and note the exact measurements and angles you’ve used. 

Stage the pieces correctly.

Unless worn, jewelry is typically flat, and when photographed as a flat piece, photos of the pieces will come out looking underwhelming and not show your products in the best light. As a result, it’s hard to get photographic inspiration for styling jewelry, but one of the best approaches is to use a jewelry mannequin or bust or a real model. This way, when styling things such as stacking earrings or statement necklaces, you can get a more real-life idea of the size and style of the jewelry piece. 

Ensure products are clean

One of the easiest and simplest ways to make your jewelry stand out more in photographs is by simply ensuring that they are clean and free from fluff or marks. Even the smallest imperfections can show up when photographed against a light or bright background—wiping all jewelry pieces over, especially contemporary jewelry pieces that have numerous stones or fittings, with a soft polishing cloth just before photographing and storing pieces in a box when not in use can keep them free from lint and marks. In addition, you don’t want your customers to be distracted by easy-to-fix imperfections. 

Edit photos professionally 

You might think that taking the photographs is the hardest part of the shoot, but when it comes to editing and retouching the photographs, this is your chance to make your jewelry look as visually stunning as possible. If taken well, your photographs shouldn’t need extensive editing. Still, one of the biggest mistakes that store owners make is over-editing their photos when they don’t know what they’re doing or not editing them enough, so they look poor quality.

5 Tips For Photographing Jewelry for eCommerce Stores

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