5 Things to Know Before Starting Delivery Business Online with JustEat Clone

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5 Things to Know Before Starting Delivery Business Online with JustEat Clone

Going to a restaurant to enjoy your favorite meal was an ordinary thing; however, ordering online and getting it delivered is a new luxury. Food lovers find ordering food through a feature-rich app like JustEat or others convenient. Top delivery players like JustEat are earning more; it has been a buying spree during the COVID spread.

Just Eat Takeaway.com’s entry into food delivery in the US and developed the strategic rationale of the most attractive market for meal delivery. The meal delivery player has acquired GrubHub for $7.5 billion, ensuring to expand its geographical reach. The meal ordering and delivery company cover 45% market share in the UK; however, the Germany and Netherlands market is expected to grow and bring substantial profit.

The pandemic spread has proven to be a flourishing time for most meal delivery companies like JustEat. The delivery player reported an 88% surge in orders in the first two months of 2021. The growing market has increased pressure for delivery startups or restaurants; they face a challenge to expand their business in cut-through competition. However, starting a business online with an app similar to JustEat can prove to be a savior.

Tips to Follow for Launching Delivery Business Online with App Similar to JustEat

No wonder meal ordering and delivery apps have experienced tremendous opportunities. For example, food delivery giant JustEat saw a jump in order during the virus spread. The company said that meal orders surged to around 1 billion, with 274 million placed during the last three months.

A meal ordering and delivery company, JustEat, has experienced a 14% increase in orders, helping maintain its financial forecasts for 2022. The meal ordering and the delivery company completed 273.7 million orders in 2021; the number is more than 2020 as it was around 240.4 million during the forecasted period.

Looking to the growing opportunities, many startups are experimenting with the market and taking advantage of the ever-increasing needs. If you are thinking of starting a delivery business with an app like JustEat, you need to consider various things. Let’s explore what you require to consider to begin your journey in today’s competitive market.

Look for Sign for Demand

It becomes crucial for you to know what your potential customers order more and serve the same. Then, you can start offering special services to gauge demand. Make sure to have a close look over other signs of demand. For example, know what your customers love to order more, how they order, and more. Having insight into customers’ purchase preferences can help you plan and work more systematically than ever before.

Be Mobile Friendly

Smartphone usage is increasing faster globally; hence it becomes vital to create a mobile-friendly solution. Optimize your delivery business website for mobile. Also, make sure you develop a delivery app like just eat that works and looks great on every smart device. Keep the ordering process intuitive and make it easier for your customers to see your offerings.

Know the Competitors

You need to know who rules the online ordering and delivery industry. Analyze everything about your competitors, understand what your rivals are offering to attract customers, what unique things you can offer, how your pricing strategy differs from your competitors, and more. Some of the names like JustEat are here to stay; you can follow a similar workflow and strategy to start serving and achieving success in the online meal ordering market.


When it comes to starting an online delivery business with an app similar to JustEat, demographics encompass every venue aspect. First, find which age group you are trying to target; you need to understand it’s impossible to satisfy the demand for every age group at a single time, hence identifying your demographics and psychographic. You can even choose to target demographics that help you make more success and profit in less time.

Find Ways to Attract More Customers

Make sure to offer discounts, deals, and coupons that help you attract more customers. Providing special deals and offers helps you to retain users and attract new customers at the same time. Furthermore, with a special collaboration with other brands, it becomes easier for you to provide special offers to customers, which might increase your loyal customer base to a great extent.

Wrapping It Up

A meal ordering and delivery app similar to JustEat has made people’s lives more comfortable. Consumers do not have to wait in long queues to enjoy their food; they can order and get their favorite meals delivered online. An online delivery app similar to JustEat is making its mark across the globe.

An app similar to JustEat is beating the heat with exclusive and user-friendly features. However, it’s a smart option to launch or automate your delivery business operations, helping to encase those unexplored markets and huge chuck of benefits.

5 Things to Know Before Starting Delivery Business Online with JustEat Clone