5 Steps to Grow eCommerce Sales from Instagram

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5 Steps to Grow Ecommerce Sales from Instagram 

In today’s world, social media has come to play a significant role, especially in managing your business and eCommerce sales successfully. These days, many small businesses have taken on the idea of starting up with their very own Instagram page, amongst all other forms of social media, to ensure more significant sales by reaching out to customers from all over the globe! Hence, as you may understand, one would have to encounter a lot of competition as you start with your own Instagram Business page today.  

To stand out in the crowd, numerous businesses have created their Instagram feed in a beautiful and eye-grabbing manner to attract customers. Some worth taking inspiration from are Recess, Cocacola, Escaperoomdotcom, etc. 

Paid marketing on Instagram can be a fruitful way to handle and increase your eCommerce sales on Instagram. This article will show you five crucial steps that will surely help you ensure more outstanding sales from your Instagram page than ever before! So, let’s get started!  

Have a polished outlook on your Instagram Business Account 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is switch your account to a Business account. However, simply putting up the name of your brand is not enough! You need to look into every little detail while you step up the look of your account, into one that is professional and well-to-do.  

  • Name and profile picture. 

Give your brand’s name as the name of your page to help customers find your brand with ease. Choosing your brand logo as your profile picture is better to make your page look genuine and professional.  

  • Your Bio 

The bio is a crucial aspect of your page, as it gives you the space to provide the link to your brand’s website. Avoid unnecessary details in the bio, and keep it brief and concise. Writing a few keywords linked to your brand might be a nice catch to add up in your bio. You may also feature your official brand hashtag here.  

  • Highlights 

Highlights are a great way to keep important stories for long on your profile. In addition, it can help you present before your viewers the crucial milestones in your company’s journey. 

Creativity is the key. 

Be as creative as possible as you design the various posts for your business profile. The visual impact of anything good stays on in the human mind for quite a long time. So, you should create your content in an immensely unique and creative manner to keep your viewers engrossed. But, on the other hand, do not let your feed ever come off as monotonous by only posting the pictures of your products.  

You might even opt for posting reels or IGTV videos about how one may use your products. It will help break the monotony of posting only pictures and make your customers love your brand! Posting customer reviews with the images of your customers showcasing your products might also be a great approach to enhancing the reach of your profile!  

Engage with your customers daily 

Simply putting up pictures or videos on your profile is not enough to keep your customers engaged with your brand. One of the most crucial things you need to seek is to engage with your customers. Responding to customers’ comments on your brand page within a few hours is essential.  

Pay heed to the demands of your customers, have Instagram stories featuring a poll to see the desires of your customers, and let your business sales soar high! 

Create shoppable posts on your feed 

Instagram is a versatile platform and often allows businesses to add shopping tags to their products shown in posts to make it easier for customers to go ahead and buy them. But before doing this, you need to get your account approved as an official brand. Once you are done with the process, go ahead and add a shopping tag to your photos! It will help customers click on the post and then see prices and all other details of the particular product. 

Open your Instagram Shop 

Let your brand flourish on the social media platform as you open your own Instagram Shop. You may either use Instagram’s shopping feature or other third-party Instagram tools. To opt for the former, you need to get your account approved, and then, you can use Instagram’s shopping feature. While opting for the latter is helpful for brands that do not have their accounts verified and ultimately directs the users to the brand’s official website.   

These are some of the most valuable ways to help boost up your eCommerce sales from Instagram. So follow these procedures and let your business flourish!  

5 Steps to Grow eCommerce Sales from Instagram

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