5 Simple Ways to Start an eCommerce Wine Business

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You might’ve been selling wine offline before the digital era, or you might want to start selling wine online now. Whatever the case may be, the chances are that you could use some heads up if you’re going to sell your wine online in a lucrative manner. Here are five simple ways to create an eCommerce wine business.

But before you go through our guide to kick-starting an eCommerce business, here’s why an eCommerce business is better than any conventional business model:

  • You reach a broader audience base with eCommerce. 
  • A whole array of payment options give your clients the versatility they need. 
  • You can boost your business’s reach online via digital marketing and social media marketing. 

Licensing & Legality 

There are different legal requirements to sell wine in various states across the USA, but here’s a broad look at them. First, here’s a list of usual paperwork that you will need to complete to be able to sell wine online:

  • Alcohol Dealer Registration Form

It’s something to record your tax and business-related information. It also records your dealer class which is then forwarded to approve the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). The approval is mandatory for you to begin your online sales.

  • If you produce your wine, you will need a winery license from your state. 
  • If you plan to ship your wine interstate, you will need a shipper’s license for your online wine selling business. 

Shipping For Online Wine Business

Well, if you want your customers to transit from clicking on your website to drinking from an actual wine glass, you need to think about shipping. Across the States, you have two options for your online liquor delivery to work out – FedEx and UPS. Here’s what you need to do for a seamless shipping process. 

  • Sign on to either of their websites and register an account with them. 
  • You need to attest to the Agreement for Approved Wine & Alcohol Beverage Shippers on any of the websites you sign up on. 
  • You will need a shipping label to distinguish you from other shippers. 
  • Avail for the Adult Signature Service so that only an adult signs for the wine delivery. 
  • Stick those labels on your products, and ship them. 

This was your concise cover on how to ship wine pan USA with ease. 

A Happening Online Presence 

A business plan laid out at the back of your mind, a bit of name on your brainstorming list, what more do you need to start an online wine business? A website. But a website can’t just be present out there. You will need quality hosting for your eCommerce website. Choose from several different types of hosting like cloud hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting, and Minecraft hosting for your business. 

You need to analyze your needs and choose the best-preferred web hosting for your wine business. When you are hosting a website, you need to do this with a domain name in line with your company’s name. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and type for your potential clients. 

Wine Storage 

If you are going to run a wine-selling business online, the chances are that you will have a wholesome amount of wine that you cannot store in your regular fridge. Therefore, you will need ample space to keep the wine from your sales stock. 

There are two options – either you can rent out wine storage units or store the wine in wine cellars if you have the space of your own. Although the latter wouldn’t be approachable to everyone, it’s recommended to rent out a storage space for your wine. 

Here’s what makes any storage perfect for wine:

  • The ideal temperature for wine storage is around 10 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius. 
  • Your wine storage space shouldn’t go below -4 degrees Celsius, and on the upside, it should not cross 20 degrees Celsius. 
  • Always place the bottles horizontally so that the cork remains moist. A moist cork wouldn’t allow the oxygen or other gases to get in and oxidize the wine. 
  • Get a dedicated wine fridge for all your wine bottles, do not store them in a regular refrigerator. 

Use these tips to maintain the premium standard of your wine collection in the long run because your customers wouldn’t like the wine if it didn’t taste good in the first place. 

Fundraising Is A Concern Too 

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have a path in mind, but lack of funds usually hampers progress. That’s why the concept of fundraising exists. If you are short on finances to launch your online wine business, you need to choose one of the following options:

  • Bootstrapping 

It’s like you don’t need funding at all. Why? Because while doing this, you will be funding your business with all your savings, investments, or revenue from other sources. Endnote, there won’t be anyone else’s money at stake. 

  • Venture Capitalists Funding 

Although it’s a slow method to raise funding for your business, it’s a steady one. Under this process, people with capital find your business lucrative enough, and they pay you to have a bit of stake in your company. Then, down the line, when your business grows, their investment will also increase. So it’s a win-win for everyone. 


This article was all about starting an online wine business from scratch. It covers everything you need to start your online wine selling business. With these steps, it won’t just be any wine-selling eCommerce business, but it will be lucrative. 

5 Simple Ways To Start An eCommerce Wine Business

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