5 SEO Tips To Improve Vaping Websites

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The past year has seen a steady increase in vape shops. The marketplace brims with brands that are competing with each other through new flavors, prices, discounts, and more. Being a part of the vaping network has become quite challenging in today’s market scenario. So how does one differentiate a store from the other? Well, embedding a strong SEO strategy could be the way to go about it.

SEO Tips To Improve Vaping Websites


SEO strategies increase the chances of online visibility among the many different businesses in the same segment. A clear understanding of SEO’s best practices can improve your company’s traffic, foot traffic, sales, and profits effortlessly. Here are a few SEO tips that will help you optimize your website to impress vapers.

1. Provide Promising Content

Content marketing forms a huge part of SEO. It is one of the most elegant ways of increasing your online presence and SEO ranking. The recent algorithm update by google emphasizes the importance of quality content in influencing SEO ranking. It aims to promote well-researched content by boosting the ranking of sites that provide them. It means that writing articles or blogs that relate to readers or users’ queries will increase the chance of you gaining visibility in the search engine.

The scope for content creation around vaping is quite large. The trend is continuously attracting more users, and novice vapers tend to have many questions and doubts. The excitement of exploring the trend naturally leaves them curious to know more about it.

They tend to look for vaping tips, ways to perform tricks, tips for choosing good products, recommendations of cheap e juice, new flavor choices in the market, benefits or risks of the habit, and so much more. A keyword search can give you a good idea of the type of content users are looking for. Now providing the answers to these questions through your content will boost your presence.

Not just good content, but the right formatting and keyword density of the content will improve the chances of scoring better SEO rank.

  1. Stick to short sentences and paragraphs.
  2. Use bullets or numbered points to organize the content.
  3. Work on scattering the keyword organically in the title, as well as the body.
  4. Pick out trending topics and revolve your content around them.
  5. Write interactive content rather than a sales pitch to improve user experience.
  6. Include images, videos, infographics. Visual content is always more appealing to the user.
  7. Use outward links and interlink to articles within your blog to give more information to the user.
  8. Avoid technical terminologies. In case necessary, provide the definition of the term and relevance to the content, or link to another article that explains it better.
  9. Provide social media sharing facilities towards the end or at the beginning of the article.

Vape business owners should keep these content tips in mind to encourage users to visit their site. These tips will enable your website to be listed among the first few businesses on a search engine result. You can inculcate these superior techniques by working with professionals who can provide rich content in all the above elements for best SEO.

2. Increase Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are among the best places to impress your customers and enhance your SEO ranking as well. These platforms are a great space to build brand value, loyalty and stay connected to your customers. Almost 90% of B2C businesses view social media advertising as a powerful market tactic to expand their user base. They utilize the power of the seven major platforms in the segment that regularly introduce and connect with their users.

Create social media profiles on the major platforms and make sure to stay active. Platforms like Facebook accommodate businesses well, and it is possible to advertise your products to your customers here. You can share the content from your website here to gain more views and shares. Claiming a company page can be of utmost value as it is possible the expand your network here.

Similarly, a platform such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube enhances your brand’s presence through quality content. You can add video content about the many products and share product reviews by different users to make your brand more approachable.

Creating content for social media presence might feel like a tiring job. But users relate to brands available on these platforms as they spend a lot of time here. It is possible to trigger customers’ curiosity through your content on these media platforms and impress them to visit your website and try your products.

You can post about discounts, deals, combo offers, and the latest news in the vape world to help them stay updated with the trend. Social media is also a great platform to interact with your users. You can build a community for your brand and discuss their reviews, feedback, and suggestions for better brand value.

3. Focus On Local SEO

If you have a retail vape shop, then the best strategy to market your business is to be local SEO ready. Statistics show that over 50% of local searches end up converting into a store visit within the next 24 hours. Vape enthusiasts are looking for an outlet within their region to shop. Local SEO helps increase your brand’s visibility to these customers, typically looking for a vape store close to them. It will increase the chances of their visit significantly.

Start by creating a google business profile. Listing your company through Google`s My Business directly communicates to the search engine about your presence in the particular region. It thus increases the chances of winning a top listing on the results page.

The search engine algorithm also looks for elements such as customer reviews to determine your ranking. Customer experience is a critical parameter for google`s metrics. The quality and quantity of reviews will directly influence your local SEO. You can provide the My Business link to your customers as a centralized platform for sharing their reviews and feedback. People are more likely to review a verified business on platforms such as Google rather than on your website. If your shop has a large number of reviews and a short response time to customer feedback, queries, or problems, the algorithm will boost your rankings to the top.

Focus On Local SEO


Providing your business information through the My Business profile, such as the shop’s images, your contact details, will make sure they appear on the search page. Adding critical information such as location helps google to integrate your business presence in google maps that increase the chances of receiving foot traffic.

A simple way to differentiate your shop from several others could be by increasing your operating hours. Google is most likely to list an active business near the customer’s location at the time of the query. Long hours, especially during the night, can boost your visibility to customers hunting for vape shops to satisfy their late-night cravings.

Another way of improving local SEO ranking is by providing region-specific content. You can leverage any local events, festivals in your area, and embed these elements into your website’s content. You can indicate discounts or special offers during this event to appeal to customers.

4. Appeal To Your Target Audience

Developing a good understanding of your target audience’s needs is necessary to build a strong online presence and increase visibility. A crucial part of SEO is leveraging the many different forms of technology to get your service or product closer to the audience.

For example, the audience for a vape store is usually 18 years and above. This section of the crowd owns smartphones, which are the primary source of information about vaping. They connect easily through shopping apps or e-commerce websites to look for the products of their interest. They utilize the information to identify and navigate to local stores as well. Hence your website must be optimized to function well in a smartphone environment to provide your users with a seamless experience. Having an appealing UX/ UX design for your website can be beneficial to attract more users. The website’s images, content, and structure should be comfortable to view from a mobile screen.

If you have an online vape shop, enhancing the experience by providing an app or optimizing your website to make it mobile-friendly can increase sales chances. Critical parts of the website, such as checkout, wishlist should be simple to use. It can attract your clients to explore more from your store. Apps also help to stay connected with your users by providing notifications about sales, discounts, and new product launches that could increase the frequency of visits and purchases.

If you have an offline vape store, you can provide an overview catalog of the product range, google maps integration, customer care support for queries to encourage users to visit your store. Collect customer information such as e-mail and phone number and send out monthly newsletters that discuss new trends, product ranges, and offers to stay connected to them.

Work on enhancing user experience by accessing the technical capabilities of your website as well. Speed up your website load time as it can directly influence your ranking. Search engines intend to provide a smooth user experience to customers. They prefer websites that load faster compared to the others in the listing. Perform an SEO audit of your website every few months to understand the many areas that require improvements. These steps can positively influence your dynamics with the customer and improve profits.

5. Partner With Influencers And Explore Guest Posting

Guest posting is a simple yet effective way of gathering the interest of potential customers. It is an SEO strategy that requires an article or post published on another website to add a link to your website within the content as an anchor text. It can work efficiently to increase the credibility of your brand among the many companies in the market.

Guest posting can enhance organic traffic to your website and improve page authority as well. Remember buying a guest article or exchanging links is an unethical practice that could get your website banned on google’s search engine results. You can use these simple tips to utilize guest articles to market your vape shop.

  1. Research and shortlist websites that have good organic traffic and page authority. Make sure the page contains blogs or articles related to vaping.
  2. Explore their social media presence and understand the number of followers they have to know your reach’s scope.
  3. Many companies offer guest posting guidelines on their website. If not, connect with them can prepare a guest post as per the guidelines.
  4. Make sure to include variations of the anchor text that will direct your website in different parts of the article. Be careful to add them organically to avoid creating a spammy post.

Guest posting can impact vapers around the world and introduce them to your website easily.

Partner With Influencers And Explore Guest Posting

Another effective way of enhancing SEO is to utilize digital media such as podcasts. Several influencers are performing cool vape tricks, sharing vaping experiences and recommendations online. These individuals have a loyal social media following and have a crucial role in influencing viewers’ purchasing decisions. Their vape network can be a wonderful place to market your products or company as their recommendations could sway the choice of many potential customers.

You can look for vaping channels on Youtube, Facebook, or other channels and connect with these influencers. Send out an invite to them to try your product and review the same on their channel. You can provide free supplies or discounts to your products in exchange. Ensure they geotag your store and provide a link to your website for customers to explore your products in the content. Viewers trust influencers to provide them a link to good quality products. It will be a powerful way of connecting with your user base and enhancing your sales and profits.


Investing in enhancing your SEO strategies is a clear way of improving visibility and increasing customers. It is possible to analyze the behavior of customers on your website through SEO tools. It can help you optimize the design and content to provide a good experience that will increase customer conversion on the site.

5 SEO Tips To Improve Vaping Websites