5 Roadblocks to Link Building Success

5 Roadblocks to Link Building Success

What makes backlinks important in running a website is that Google uses it as one of its ranking factors. You depend on link building techniques if you want to rank better. Besides that, link building should play a great role in your SEO efforts. You will need an effective strategy, time, and dedication to make it work. To help you become successful in your link building, here are 5 roadblocks that you should know about. This will help come up with effective strategies to make it work.

  1. Have Quality Assets

You should never downplay the need for quality assets on your website. This is especially so when building quality links. To offer valuable information to your readers, you need to create content that is link-worthy to your readers. The content should be keyword-rich, engaging and powerful enough to strengthen your authority in the eyes of Google and users. These assets include articles, products, services pages, research and data, and even the people who work in your company. Each of these elements offers you an opportunity to reach out to a link or to organically generate links back to your website.

  1. Lack of On-page Optimization

On several occasions, site owners put more emphasis on off-site website initiatives like link building, forgetting about on-page optimization. To make your link building powerful, it has to back by on-site optimization. It will be nearly impossible to acquire backlinks from other websites if your site doesn’t have the quality other websites are looking for. Since you won’t be comfortable sending visitors to a bogus website, don’t expect other websites to do the same. The main ingredients for building quality links are trust and authority. If you lack this, it will be difficult to win other websites over.

  1. Insufficient Research
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Anyone wants to link to an authoritative website that offers visitors value for their time and money. However, for effective link building, you should look beyond prominence to identify quick wins and more strategic opportunities. A thorough competitive analysis allows you to build links that are beneficial in both the long and short term. Not all authoritative websites have the pleasure of linking back to you, therefore, research on websites that have the potential to reach out to your target audience. You may be missing out on other great opportunities by focusing some of the much on prominent websites. The best thing to do is find where your competitors get their links.

  1. Poor Tracking & Automation

When trying to acquire links, an organization is an essential component. You will fall flat if you don’t have a well-organized backlink campaign. The reason being the organization is needed for you and your team members to easily find the status of each link building opportunity and contact information. Put up a solid tracking system to help you automate the tracking task. You can use Excel files or other advanced tracking systems like Buzz Stream. If you fail to track link opportunities, you will miss out on acquiring quality links. By properly storing contact information in one place, you simplify the process of reaching out. Automated emailing systems also make it easier to reach out to numerous target websites in a short time.

  1. Poor Outreach 

You should also be concerned about bad outreach which is also a roadblock in link building. These are poorly executed methods to reach out to other authoritative websites. There are several crucial elements when trying to reach out. These elements include: Acquiring the right contacts and details for outreach, establishing contact before requesting for a link, and crafting customized and engaging communication. You can’t just ambush someone and demand a link or links! That would be uncouth. Communicate with them first and introduce yourself and your website. You can then go ahead and make a request. If they agree, well and good, but if they don’t, don’t go howling insults at them.

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Final Thoughts 

Building backlinks is an important strategy if you want to establish an online presence and rank better. It is also a great SEO strategy to get organic traffic that can convert. If you remove all these roadblocks in your way, you will succeed in your link building efforts.

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5 Roadblocks to Link Building Success

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