5 Reasons Why PDF is Better Than Word

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Word documents are one of the most utilized file formats today. However, there are still disadvantages and reasons why a PDF file is better than a Word file. In this article, we will be giving you 5 reasons why PDF is much better than Word, and why you should convert them. Numerous online converter tools would just be able to help you with that.

If you are unaware of the reasons why PDF is better, then don’t worry! In case you didn’t know, PDF files or Portable Document Format is a “read-only” type of file format. This means that alterations can only be made by leaving an electronic footprint, and this is the reason why PDF files are accepted in the court of law.

Universally Accessible

PDF documents are accessible regardless of the operating system, hardware, or software being used. Well, it is true that Word documents can easily be edited in Microsoft Word, but if a user saves a certain Word file in a Mac computer, there might be compatibility issues or difficulties in transferring the said file in a Windows computer.

On the other hand, PDF documents appear the same exact way on any type of operating system. This is one of the reasons why converting your Word to PDF is a much more practical way. In addition to that, PDF files can easily be viewed on mobile devices. There are numerous PDF readers out there that you can use, such as PDF Bear, Adobe Reader, and many more. 

Reduced File Size

A user is able to convert various file formats into PDF with a much higher resolution. These PDF versions of the file are portable and occupy less storage space and can be easily stored on your firm’s servers or uploaded on the company website too. PDF software is also able to give you an option to merge your files into a single file.

High-Level Security and Encryption

Another reason why you should convert your Word to PDF is that PDF files support data encryption, which means that your files are well protected, and no one else will be able to have access to them. It also provides you safety and security when transferring data over the internet.

Legalscans.com said that electronic documents could be trusted if the document leaves a traceable electronic footprint, and PDF files meet this requirement. Thus, these types of files are difficult to edit without their particular PDF editing software, which makes fabrication and falsification of the content quite complicated.

Interactive Document

PDF files have the ability to be interactive, and there are a lot of interactive functions that can be embedded in your PDF files such as hyperlinks, videos, music files, text notes, movies, markups, and other media. 

Password Protected

Normally, PDF documents need a high level of protection and security, as they may potentially contain some sensitive information about the file owner. Users can effortlessly limit other people’s access to their files by password protecting it. This gives your files protected from any malicious activities with an additional level of security.

This ensures that the data or information in your files can only be accessed and opened by the people who possess the password. There are also numerous files that can password protect your PDF files such as PDF Bear, Soda PDF, PDF Mate, and many more. These software programs are free to use, as well.


There are still a lot of reasons and benefits on why you should convert your Word document into a PDF file. There are so many online converter tools that would help you in doing just that. You don’t have to worry about your file’s safety and security if your PDF files are password-protected, and these can easily be accessed with a PDF reader without having any compatibility issues regarding your operating system.

5 Reasons Why PDF is Better Than Word

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