5 Reasons to Become a Digital Marketing Nomad

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5 Reasons to Become a Digital Marketing Nomad

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is fast becoming one of the most lucrative career options for freelancers and those who work in the technology sector. Living in the technology age certainly has advantages, and digital marketing encompasses many online positions from which to choose. 

Popular digital marketing career positions include:

  • Graphic design
  • SEO and content writing
  • Website and content development
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Becoming a digital marketing nomad has many advantages. From flexibility to variety, there are several benefits to working in the digital marketing field.

Let’s look at the top five reasons to become a digital marketing nomad. 

5 Reasons to Become a Digital Marketing Nomad

With so many advantages, there are numerous valid reasons to consider a career in digital marketing. Freelancing as a digital marketer is one of the top money-making opportunities and requires little to no startup and operational costs. Let’s look at a few more reasons or advantages you should consider for a career in digital marketing. 

Personal Development and Networking Opportunities

What better way to grow your skills in the digital age than by working on many projects that allow you to increase your knowledge while getting paid, sometimes handsomely, to do it? 

Freelancing allows for many networking opportunities that help grow your client base and increase your profit margins. For example, suppose you’re accessing online freelancing portals to find digital marketing jobs. 

In that case, there is the added benefit that the clients who hire you can rate your work and your skills on platforms you offer your services on, giving you a higher credit rating and bringing in more work at a higher rate. 

No Startup Costs

Thanks to freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr, finding a job online in your skill range is remarkably easy. In addition, due to major companies’ downsizing and the economic recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are always searching for ad-hoc employees from an international skill pool. 

Freelancing requires little to no startup costs, and all you need is a laptop or computer and a good internet connection. So take advantage of the recession and find a digital marketing job that suits your skill level. 


One of the best advantages of becoming a digital marketing nomad is working whenever you want, from any location you may choose. So skip the hustle and bustle of a 9 to 5 and set your hours. 

With many companies moving their operations online, remote working is the future. So be your boss and use the internet to make good money. Freelancing allows for the most flexibility without the hassle of working towards strict deadlines in a team where not everyone pulls their weight. 

Your Own Preferred Work-Life Balance

A digital marketing nomad can set their hours and control the amount of work they do per day, week, or month. You can also schedule work around your priorities based on your skill sets, like your health, children, and family. These can help you stay motivated and also become more productive in the process.

Digital marketing nomads or freelancers have the freedom to work from home, or any other location they choose, giving them the flexibility to still care for their children, attend sporting or extra-mural events, and be home more often. 


Depending on the digital or online marketing you are interested in, many jobs like SEO can be self-taught or improved through training courses or specialized programs. However, a good knowledge of the language you will be writing in is beneficial, and building a great portfolio of work you have done can help you land more jobs and increase your pay rates per project. Building a portfolio is one of the best ways to showcase your talents and abilities when working as a digital marketing nomad. 

Knowing the basics is, of course, helpful, but you can build your skills while working on a variety of projects at the same time. This, too, helps beat the boredom of working in just one sphere of digital marketing and allows you to have your finger in more than one pie. 

Digital Marketing Ideas to Get You Started

If we have piqued your interest and you are curious about starting a career in digital marketing, finding the best job need not be arduous when you look at our list of best digital marketing ideas. 

Some examples of available jobs include:

Web Development

Large corporations are always looking for a way to increase their client base and grow their brand. Many of these hire web developers and online content creators to manage their websites and create good content to draw traffic to their websites, which brings new and potential clients that help increase their sales and profit margins. 

Web development requires web development skills, hosting, and CMS knowledge. Knowledge of various programming languages like python and C++ is a must. Web developers are usually qualified and have some certificate or relevant qualification. 

Content Development

Content development is largely related to SEO-type work and includes creating content for websites. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a great way for companies to increase website traffic and improve the search results related to their business. Therefore, SEO is in big demand right now. Therefore, building a portfolio of your SEO-related projects is the best idea when applying for this type of job as a digital marketing nomad. 

Content developers need a mix of creativity and good written or visual skills to create content that will bring traffic to the website. 

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a social media platform like FaceBook, Instagram, or even a blog with a fair amount of followers? Do you know how to engage your followers and persuade them to purchase a product or service? 

Affiliate marketing companies are always searching for people who know how to engage with their followers to drive interest in their products, drive traffic to their website or page, and even make a purchase. You get paid a commission for every click on the website that leads to a sale. 

SEO and Content Writers

A quick online search on any job portal will lead you to hundreds of companies looking for SEO and content writers to increase their online presence, bring more traffic to their websites, and increase sales. 

All you will need is a good command of the English language, both written and oral, a laptop or computer, and a stable internet connection. SEO isn’t easy to learn and takes quite a bit of self-learning, but it is one of the easiest ways to make money online. 


Suppose you are interested in working remotely, reaping the benefits of flexibility, job variety, and a job that allows you to craft a preferred work-life balance. In that case, you should consider a career in digital marketing. Becoming a digital marketing nomad is a big leap of faith but can be achieved, and with many websites and tools on offer to choose from, finding a job to match your skill set and interests is as easy as a quick online search. Read more about the many benefits of being a digital marketing nomad, and use the tips we have included to help you on your way.