5 Reasons Cleanliness and Organization Leads to Productivity
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5 Reasons Cleanliness and Organization Leads to Productivity

Regardless of your position in an office, whether you are the receptionist or an executive, your productivity is reduced if your workspace is cluttered and unorganized. In addition to feeling less motivated in a messy, disorganized workspace, clutter minimizes your efficiency and creativity. Discover how having an unorganized office reduces your creativity and how a cleaned and organized office increases your efficiency and productivity.

In addition to improving morale in your office and reducing your ability to focus, having a tidy and well-organized office will also reduce the risk of in-office accidents. That includes accidents like trips and falls over cords that are not attached to the wall or cuts from correctly stored tools. Some other reasons that cleanliness and organization lead to productivity are:

1. It cuts time looking for stuff.

Suppose your desk and workspace is full of necessary clutter; including memo’s and lost papers from years ago, binders that hold nothing, photos in broken frames, outdated computers that don’t work, empty water bottles, lunch containers with mold, expense reports that have been replaced, or any other obsolete material and junk. In that case, you will spend time every day looking for stuff under the piles of garbage. That wasted time could be spent on something more productive because looking for clutter is ineffective.

Instead of looking for documents and work items, decluttering your desk is a way more productive use of your afternoon. Some tips for decluttering are:

  • Put all paper in a stack to go through later – file, act on or toss as necessary.
  • Toss broken frames or desktop decor.
  • Store unused binders.
  • Recycle plastic bottles.
  • Put pens in a holder.
  • When you can see your desk, disinfect and clean the surface.

Decluttering your messy desk is the first step towards working more efficiently and productively.

2. Improves focus and concentration.

Clutter and organization affect the way our brains work. When our space is unorganized, so is our thinking. In other words, chaos and a disorganized workspace make us unfocused and unable to concentrate. We see so much in front of us, and our coping mechanisms are to procrastinate and avoid, leading us to get nothing done. Cleaning helps clarify what is in front of us to get done, helps us identify the necessities surrounding our jobs and duties, and makes productivity easier to achieve.

3. Keep stress levels to a minimum.

Work stress is prevalent for office workers. Stress abounds at work, whether it’s a heavy workload, long hours, petty or insecure coworkers, and a cluttered desk and workspace only make it worse. Keeping your desk organized will go a long way in making you feel less stressed and more efficient. Keep a “to-do” folder on your desk and desktop to quickly find projects you are completing. A well-organized desk also makes it easy for you to go for a walk or take a break away from your desk and know exactly what you were working on when you return.

4. It makes an impression on customers.

A clean and organized office is essential for good business. Customers who come into the office, expected or not, find a clean and organized office appealing. At the same time, they will ultimately judge your entire brand by the service you provide and your professionalism, their first impression of your office matters. And not only do they notice desks, dirty conference room tables speak volumes about details. Therefore, keeping desks, offices, the conference area and the reception area cleaned will make an impression.

5. Establishes a positive work environment.

Positive work environments are more productive. People are generally happier, and when satisfied, they work more efficiently. Maintaining an organized and clutter-free work environment helps with keeping employees happy. They understand that the company is vested in their well-being and happiness and repay them with steady work.

Having an office or workspace that is organized and clutter-free increases efficiency and productivity at work. For example, hospitals are beginning to make changes in their Operating Rooms to make them less cluttered and a lot more organized by including top-notch technology and some of the best surgical headlights to improve their performance. Understanding the five reasons noted above about how cleanliness and organization lead to productivity will be why you take your office clean seriously.

5 Reasons Cleanliness and Organization Leads to Productivity

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