5 Reasons a Virtual Mailbox is Essential for Your Startup

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Virtual Mailbox is Essential for Your Startup

One of the biggest benefits of starting an eCommerce company is doing it from home.

You don’t have to rent a brick-and-mortar office to begin providing services to your customers. Since your transactions will mostly be done online, you can choose to operate straight from your bedroom or garage.

There are, however, several valid reasons why you might want to sign up for a virtual mailbox service.

Reason #1: A virtual mailbox protects your privacy

First and foremost, a virtual mailbox can help you maintain privacy as a startup owner. You definitely wouldn’t want your home address displayed everywhere – from your marketing flyers and calling cards to your eCommerce website and social media accounts. That can be a bad idea, especially if you want to keep your business and personal life separate from each other.

5 Reasons a Virtual Mailbox is Essential for Your Startup

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Availing yourself of a virtual mailbox service makes it easier for you to protect your privacy while appearing more professional at the same time.

Reason #2: It can also give your business credibility

A virtual mailbox subscription automatically gives you a professional address, a real street address you can legitimately use for your transactions. This means you won’t have to use your address when registering with local agencies or dealing with sub-contractors, vendors, or customers.

Additionally, prospective clients and investors will trust you better if you have a commercial address.

Reason #3: You can still receive your mail and parcels while you’re away

Virtual mailbox providers do the job of sorting all your letters and packages. With their help, you can decide which ones to discard or keep. You can request scanned copies of your bank notices and even ask them to shred junk mail.

Moreover, you can choose to pick up your mail or instruct them to forward any urgent mail to your current location, in case you’re on the go.

Suppose you’re the type who frequently travels for business and leisure purposes. In that case, you’ll appreciate the fact that having a virtual mailbox account means you won’t miss any important mail and parcels ever again.

Reason #4: A virtual mailbox can offer greater flexibility compared with a PO Box address

Another amazing advantage is using an app from your mobile device to track everything. As mentioned earlier, you can decide what mail should be shredded, stored, or sent to your current location, depending on your preferences.    

None of these conveniences are available to you if you’re using a PO Box address, which only offers you limited options for receiving and storing mail and parcels. Case in point, you can only drop by postal offices during business hours. Virtual mailbox providers generally allow you to do your pickups at convenient times. You can focus on things that matter more – like selling your products or services to your buyers online!

Reason #5: Lastly, you get to save some shelf space

Since virtual mailbox staff members will send you digitized copies of your mail, you will have fewer worries about maintaining many documents. You won’t need large drawers for your files since most of your correspondence will be accessible online. This also offers more security for your documents in the event of fire or theft. 

Final words

A virtual mailbox subscription can be practical and valuable for an eCommerce startup owner. You should seriously consider availing of this service if you want to experience all the fantastic perks we’ve mentioned here.

Mark Rosario is a father, a musician, and a movie enthusiast. He’s been a professional writer since 2007 and currently blogs for TheFarmSoHo, a leading coworking space, events venue, and virtual mailbox service provider based in New York City.

5 Reasons a Virtual Mailbox is Essential for Your Startup

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