5 Programs to Optimize Remote Business Collaboration
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5 Programs to Optimize Remote Business Collaboration

The new decade has come, and despite the difficulties it has already brought, you still have the balance of the year to make the most of it. Naturally, this will be much simpler to do if you have the appropriate remote collaboration tools at your disposal. This article discusses some of the best collaboration tools for remote teams, ensuring that everyone operates optimally. Whether launching a marketing campaign or creating the next big app, this article will walk you through the web tools that may assist you.

1. SharePoint 

SharePoint can greatly benefit your organization if it’s used correctly. SharePoint enables you to manage your SharePoint platform efficiently to meet your company’s needs. For example, while the data you keep on a SharePoint site are typically accessible to everyone with site rights, you may wish to share certain files or folders with individuals who do not have site access. When sharing files and folders, you can choose whether to allow others to change them or see them.

Microsoft Sharepoint enables you to exchange documents with both internal and external stakeholders. With security capabilities such as limiting editing access to certain persons, restricting downloads, and establishing an expiry date for sharing access, Sharepoint has your back.

You may be wondering how SharePoint vs. OneDrive compares. Although both programs accomplish similar tasks and utilize Office 365, the scope of their usefulness is different. Doing some research will show you, OneDrive is mainly useful for online cloud storage, while SharePoint is useful for remote collaboration. 

2. Zoom

Those seeking video conferencing software often turn to one of the world’s most popular applications at the moment: Zoom.

One of the few limitations of Zoom is the 40-minute group meeting time restriction on the free plan. However, the pro plan is just $15 a month per host, making it affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Additionally, smaller teams may be unaware of the constraint since the time limit does not apply to one-on-one meetings. Zoom’s most expensive tier supports a stunning 1,000 attendees.

Additionally, it enables you to record meetings for subsequent review. The recording function is compatible with MP4 and M4A files. Further, Zoom includes tools such as whiteboarding and screen sharing.

3. Productivity with Google Workspace

Previously known as GSuite, Google Workspace provides businesses of all sizes with a web-based suite of corporate productivity and collaboration solutions. In addition, it integrates business-specific email with additional collaborative tools.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox has gained a household brand in the decade since it was launched. Today, it has over half a billion customers in 180 countries, making it one of the world’s largest online storage services.

Dropbox is also one of the most economical cloud-storage platforms. Businesses with a monstrous archive, on the other hand, may choose to upgrade to the advanced plan. It’s somewhat more expensive, at $20 per month for each user, but includes “as much room as your company needs.” That is correct.

Along with cloud storage, the platform enables file sharing through Dropbox Transfer. Dropbox also has a Smart Sync function, allowing you to access Dropbox files and folders in your account — even those shared with you — directly from your desktop, without requiring physical storage on your hard drive. Consider the pinnacle of cloud collaboration.

5. Creately

It is a platform for Visual Workspace Collaboration. Visuals aid in communicating concepts, procedures, workflows, and designs

Visual collaboration systems replace the conventional whiteboard with an endless cloud-based canvas. As a result, numerous individuals may work together to create their ideas and projects using visual components and diagrams.

Create is a market leader in the business. It provides an infinitely expandable online canvas with easy sketching tools that enable teams to work in real-time on rapidly visualizing ideas.

Additionally, it includes thousands of pre-built templates for marketing, development, design, engineering, human resources, project management, and agile teams.

Its seamless connection with Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack enables cross-functional teams to collaborate even more effectively.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, an increasing number of businesses are relocating their staff remotely. With this sea change in the industry, a new wave of opportunities and challenges has emerged. Fortunately, the marvel of software makes it quite simple to smooth out wrinkles.

5 Programs to Optimize Remote Business Collaboration

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