5 Powerful Ideas to Become Famous on Instagram
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5 Powerful Ideas to Become Famous on Instagram

If you are dreaming of becoming a prominent Instagrammer overnight, you have to impress your followers. Entice your followers to stay by providing valuable content. Give a thought about people you follow; you follow them because you like their content, be it fashion, food, travel, or music. If you wish to be a star, then you must post creative and valuable content like them. 

As you know, Instagram is a powerful platform in today’s world. Most marketers use Instagram to build their business as it is a great way to stay in touch with their audience. As a result, Instagram has a higher rate of participation than any other social media platform. Instagram is widespread, and everyone loves it. Let’s see five powerful ideas to get famous on Instagram.

Sharpen your Instagram Bio

The information you provide in your bio is essential as it is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. It shows people all about you and what your interests are. Your bio should give a concise idea of what your account is. If you are working on a new project, drop an external link to your bio. 

You can make the best use of your profile by writing an excellent biography of the product that inspires the followers. You can also use hashtags to search for a specific term. Keep your bio fresh. Inform your followers about the latest travel updates if you’re a traveler. By this, followers get to know what type of content they can expect from you.

People see your display picture first before clicking on your profile or story or interacting with your posts. Therefore, it is always good to upload a clear and attractive photo in a personal profile and a logo in a business profile. In addition, you can include data like contact information, different locations, or addresses if you own a company.

Understand the use of Hashtags

Hashtags were initially available on Twitter in 2007; since then, it has become a universal way of content visibility across social media platforms. Hence, we can say, hashtags play a vital role in making your content visible to a large audience. For example, the use of Instagram hashtags helps to gain a vast audience for your content. 

When you add a hashtag to a post, it will be visible on the hashtag page to achieve broad scope. It would be good to use hashtags relevant to your content to be noticed by the target audience. 

You should focus on the post’s performance while using specific hashtags and understand which tags yield good results. One way to know is by having many similar contents and different hashtags for each content. At times, a combination of other hashtags brings better results. The hashtag tool should allow you to create a different set of go-to hashtags to change hashtags relevant to your post content. You should be aware of those hashtags that give you the best result. Otherwise, it is hard to boost your performance on Instagram.

Stay connected with your Audience.

It would be good to spend some time with your followers. Or else you are likely to be less noticed by them if you are inactive on Instagram. You can stay connected with the people by commenting on a photo or starting a conversation in the comment section.

The more you are active, the more growth to your business. Instagram sees your history of interaction using algorithms. So when you interact more, your posts will perform better and gain organic reach.

Improving your business online requires strong connections. With more followers, your posts are likely to be viewed by many, which will yield you more likes to your posts. To add up more engagement, you could get automatic Instagram likes to enhance the visibility of your content and get more reach for your profile.

It is easier to make content if you are aware of your Audience. The demographics of your target audience help define the type of content you post, your product, what time and days you post.

Instagram is a visual medium, posts photos that stand out from the news feed. Although you’re not a photographer, there are different tools to edit your images to make them attractive. Once you’ve created eye-catching photos, post pictures with carousels-Instagram post with multiple photos on one submit. It is the best way to attain engagement.

Use Instagram Features

Instagram has extended its features where we can submit multiple photos and videos on a single go. Moreover, we can also use IGTV, reels, and the famous Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories helps you to become Instagram famous. When you post lively stories daily, people tend to look up your content; in this manner, you can engage with followers. In addition, Instagram allows you to use Stickers in images and videos to make them funny and attractive. 

You can search for GIFs in trend or subject-related GIFs. Stickers are a great way to include more fun and grow your brand. Apart from stickers, you can also tap “type” in Instagram stories, which allows you to use creative texts that come to your mind. You can use Poll Stickers and ask your followers to select from two answers. 

Instagram will enable you to share feed posts to stories. It also lets you share @Mentions In Stories. When a user mentions you in a story, you will get a direct notification. In addition, Instagram brings shopping tags to stories that let followers check on the product details, price, and purchase. Instagram stories are becoming popular that enable you to interact with your followers through fresh, engaging content and help build engagement.

Like Tik-Tok, Instagram reels allow you to share engaging, bite-sized content with your followers. With this feature, you can make 15 seconds to 30 seconds video clips with text and music that are entertaining. In addition, it allows you to add media to your profile without interrupting the grid aesthetic.

Instagram reels are perfect for keeping the attention of targeted audiences. Posting Instagram reels that are creative, funny, and interesting puts you on the lane of fame. In addition, Instagram IGTV lets brands create long-form video series. We know that Instagram stories get more views than videos on our feed. So it is essential to share your upcoming video content by sharing it on your accounts. You can achieve it by clicking on the arrow on your post and selecting “Add to Story.”

It would help if you made eye-catchy thumbnails to your IGTV videos to get more views. It’s a perfect opportunity to develop engagement, collaborate with influencers, and improve your marketing strategy.

Another Instagram feature is adding your story your profile highlights. You can do this by tapping the star icon at the bottom of the story. This feature is helpful to showcase your best stories by creating multiple highlights. In addition, it helps your followers understand better who you are as an Instagram user.

Stick to Stability

Posting a picture at 7 am on a day, then a story every Thursday, a video some days later will no longer make your follower stay connected to your account. It will make them lose interest in your content. You should be aware of when followers notice your posts and when they use Instagram. 

Your content will likely appear on top of users’ feeds when more interaction in the comment section and more post views. It allows the algorithm to recognize your content leading it to more and more Audiences.

Take amazing pictures. It is easier said than done. It would be best to fill your Instagram grid with good-quality images that people wish to see. A careful selection of pictures can lead you to a consistent aesthetic that helps attract more followers. Beautiful, bright, and colorful photographs tend to get more likes. So always make sure to take pictures with good light.

Instagram scheduling tools are a great way that helps to post consistently. It allows you to schedule and publishes posts directly on Instagram. To do so, you need to have a business profile on Instagram. These tools post only those content with Instagram’s acceptable aspect ratio. Some tools offer an automatic scheduler with extra add-ons, editing image options while uploading into the scheduler, which can be time-saving.


Do your research on popular accounts, what type of hashtags they use, how they engage with their followers, how often they post. Don’t copy other people’s posts. Be true to your personality, and followers will come. Do upload quality images that add uniqueness to your brand. We can say that with continuous effort, it is possible to develop and maintain followers on Instagram. You can become an overnight star by posting valuable and genuine content. So stay focused and keep working.

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Sarah James is a Content Writer at VoxCorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. She loves to talk with her friends about food, travel, and ancient culture in her free time.

5 Powerful Ideas to Become Famous on Instagram

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