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5 Plugins to Add Sitemaps on Your Website

WordPress SEO Tips: Top 5 Plugins to Add Sitemaps on Your Website

Right from the name “sitemap”, you can pretty much understand its meaning. These are rather a little markup or XML maps, which will provide search bot and humans with the comprehensive look at the way their content will be laid on the website. It is perfect for good user experience and also for improving SEO metrics. For the existing WordPress websites, adding sitemap can prove to be simple. All you need is a promising plugin and you are completely covered.

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Before you choose among the following, get to the top 5 over here to choose as plugins to add Sitemaps to the website.

1.    Yoast SEO:

The basic version of setup SEO Yoast is free of cost and the premium one starts at $69 on a yearly scale for the single site. Right now, there are 1+ million active installers working on this particular plugin. This is one of the major WordPress SEO plugins to be caused quite a sensation.

  • The plugin comprises of feature-packed services for all kinds of SEO based optimizers. It further helps in creating SEO based content.
  • The XML sitemap comprises basic features added to .htaccess and even robots.txt files for making this tool mandatory for optimization and generation of Sitemaps.

It comprises of multisite capability and the Sitemaps can work impeccably within a multisite network just like working on the individual websites.

5 Plugins to Add Sitemaps on Your Website

2.    Google XML Sitemaps:

For working on Google XML Sitemap, you need to head for WordPress version 3.3 or even higher than that. The report suggests that the plugin has been downloaded more than 15 million times and is quite easy to set up and use. It helps in generating a special XML sitemap for helping search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index blogs better.

Thanks to this sitemap, it becomes rather easier for crawlers to check on complete site structure and retrieve it in an efficient manner. This plugin as used by WordPress developer can further support all forms of WordPress based generated pages alongside some customized URLs. On the other hand, it helps in notifying major search engines whenever you make any post about new content.


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3.    All in One SEO pack:

With more than 1 million installs, All in One SEO pack has a pro version of it as available at $79. This is often considered to be a perfect tool for the SEO experts who are well aware of the technical optimization practices.

  • It comprises some powerful features for canonical URLs, creating some XML Sitemaps, e-commerce support, and even navigational links.
  • The premium version comprises of the advanced SEO practices for customizing the post types and also dealing with video-based XML Sitemaps. These are rather rich in the audio and visual content.

This All in One SEO Pack is notably a powerhouse of its own and is quite important for the professionals. It further comprises of bonus points for easy compatibility and fast option with anything in the list.

4.    PS Auto Sitemap:

For this particular plugin, you have to go for WordPress version 2.3.1 or higher. The PS Auto Sitemap is used for generating sitemap pages automatically from the WordPress site. It is quite easy for you to install, mostly for the beginners. Even the experts can customize it rather easily. It can further help in changing the setting of display of lists from the administration page. You get the chance to prepare various CSS skins for the current sitemap tree. Whenever you are trying to use WordPress and CMS on the web, you can always expect to improve usability and the effect of SEO as well. Make sure to check out some of the highlighted features of it first.

  • It comprises a display or hides an option of a particular home, categories and posts, and pages
  • There is a limitation of the list’s depth and you can set the display order of post and page list
  • You get the chance to combine or even divide post and category, and also set exclusive categories from the list and excluded pages and post from a list

Apart from that, you can select your favorite display style of sitemap from around 12 prepared layouts.

5.    Premium SEO Pack:

Customers are quite happy after using Premium SEO Pack as the much-needed plugin over here. It is brought to the users by the same developers, known to have created money-making plugins for affiliate website. This particular plugin is known to handle most of the projects which an SEO team might throw towards them to work on.

  • Everything that you need for your SEO, this plugin has it. Along with that, it comprises some caching features like CSS and JS minification as loading speed always matter a lot.
  • Furthermore, this plugin comprises of link builder, 404 error page monitor, W3C validator as built-in with the plugin and even directory submission. You can further procure social stats alongside Sitemaps, of course.

This particular sitemap feature is designed to offer you with squeaks. Some of those options are images or video Sitemaps, multiple Sitemaps, located based services and the ability to edit with .htaccess and robots.txt.

Go through features before making the right choice:

You are cordially invited to check out all the features before finally listing out the best plugin to choose for adding Sitemaps to websites. With so many options, making the right choice might take some time, but it is not impossible. Experts are happy to guide you through.

Author bio:

Brandon Graves is a WordPress Geek with a profound Knowledge on different aspects of WordPress services such as migrate website to WordPress, theme customization, WP plugin development, WordPress SEO and much more. Follow him on Facebook

5 Plugins to Add Sitemaps on Your Website

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