5 Obstacles of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing might appear all glitters and gold from the outside. But from the inside, it is nothing less than a battlefield with digital marketers working hard to enhance their website ranking and brand reputation 24X7. In addition, they constantly learn how to adapt to new social media platforms, curate better marketing ideas, and produce effective referrals. In this race of becoming better and better, digital marketers often face various challenges, five of which are shared in this article today.

5 obstacles of digital marketing and how to overcome them

  1. Generating Traffic

We mean more and more people visiting your website and staying on your website for longer durations by generating traffic. The more people visit your site, the more the chances of them buying your products or services. Although this seems to be the ‘job’ of a digital marketer, many marketers struggle to generate enough traffic for their websites. What could be the possible reasons?

  • One of the top reasons could be your content. First, you should check whether you create the right content for your website to attract the right audience.
  • Are you promoting your content the right way? First, you must check on regular intervals how your marketing campaigns are performing.
  • You might not be updating content regularly on your website; hence the traffic is declining.
  • Sometimes changes in the Google algorithms may also lead to a decline in website traffic. So make sure you are keeping up with these algorithm updates.
  • What about the speed of your website? You must periodically check how your site is performing on various platforms.
  1. Creating the Right Content

Customers always want something new, refreshing, and engaging. If you are not delivering what they need, they might find it somewhere else. So creating the right content for your customers is always a quest for digital marketers. In 2021, various types of content other than plain blog posts and images are becoming immensely popular. This includes video content, live streaming, social media stories, and podcasts. So how can digital marketers keep up with this challenge? Here are some tips.

  • Understand what your audience needs and answer all their queries through your content.
  • Use buyer personas to understand more about your audience.
  • Check the latest content marketing trends on social media platforms and create content similar to that.
  • Check what the latest predictions about digital marketing reveal. For instance, according to Marketing Charts, more than 90% of marketers plan to invest in video-based content in 2021.
  • Use innovative techniques like storytelling to deliver your message effectively.
  • Value your customer more than yourself. You are just there to guide them.
  • Share background stories with your customers to engage them.
  • Write authentic content that reflects the objectives of your brand and create a unique brand voice.
  • Hire a content strategist who can help you decide what kind of content should be published and how to create that content.
  1. Omni-channel Marketing

Can a brand be present everywhere? Truth be told, you can find your customers everywhere until your business niche has a confined demographic. Then, if you want to rise in the market, you need to be present where your customer is. Most digital marketers understand that, but they often find it difficult to establish an omnichannel marketing strategy. Email marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram promotions, and YouTube videos; the list of digital media channels is never-ending. So how can one overcome this obstacle of omnichannel marketing?

  • Understand what kind of content works at which platform and post accordingly. For instance, Instagram is for real, authentic, and genuine content from your brand, while Facebook is more about posting updates. Similarly, Instagram is for short video content, while YouTube is for tutorials and long videos.
  • Experiment with content on various platforms and see how your customers respond to it. For example, do they like your Q&A live streaming on Instagram? Do they respond to your emails?
  • Let them know that you are present on social media and email. Link your social media pages in your emails and at the end of your blog posts.
  1. Building a Consistent Brand

There is no doubt that creating a recognizable brand is a challenge. With so many businesses emerging every day, it becomes difficult to find your unique voice and propagate it. Many times digital marketers are unable to understand the goals and objectives of a business correctly. Sometimes, they target the wrong audience and hence cannot build an authoritative reputation for their business. To keep up your identity in the market, you need consistent branding. But how can a digital marketer overcome this obstacle?

  • Start paying attention to your website’s every little detail, whether it be your website’s font style, logo, theme, or colors. Make sure everything seems picture-perfect!
  • Do not just offer the best products or services. Instead, think about a unique message that you want to spread with your brand and emphasize that in your marketing campaigns.
  • Once you have found your unique voice, make sure every new team member understands that and creates content in synchronization to that voice.
  • Keep publishing high-quality content every day, even if it is a simple social media post or a weekly blog. Make sure you are bringing something interesting to the audience.
  • Plan your content and marketing strategies to ensure you are not falling behind in propagating your brand voice.
  • If you cannot create anything new, repurpose your content. For example, convert a series of blog posts into a refreshing ebook. Turn a blog post into an informative infographic. Take out clips from webinars, training sessions, or workshops and post them for your audience.
  1. Keeping up with Trends

The digital marketing world is changing swiftly. Digital marketers often find it tough to match these trends. They have to learn how to use the latest analytics tools. They need to adopt new marketing tactics to attract customers. They need to develop innovative ways to intrigue the customers so that they do not leave the brand. Above all, they need to keep up with creating the latest content that the customers would appreciate. For instance, video marketing has been in trend for the last year, and those marketers who are not changing their content strategy would lag. How can a marketer overcome this obstacle of being in trend with everything in the digital marketing world?

  • Follow digital marketing experts online and see what they are posting. Then, grab their tips and start experimenting with them as soon as you can.
  • Read blogs. Skim through books and gather as much information as you can about digital marketing trends and predictions.
  • Sign up for email newsletters about digital marketing trends if you do not have the time to grind every other blog post regarding it.
  • Network with people in the industry and learn about new digital marketing trends.
  • Sara, content marketing expert for an assignment writing website, says, “take feedback from your customers regarding your website. See what they think about its look and feel and whether your website puts any impact on your audience.”
  • Keep an eye on your competitors. See what they are doing to attract customers, what tactics they use, and whether they respond affirmatively to those.

Wrapping up

No matter how easy it may seem to you, digital marketing is a responsible job and requires lots of hard work and consistency. Whether you are a mobile phone brand or an assignment help company, setting up a website is one thing, and finding the right audience for your website and building consistent branding is a whole new story. Sometimes, it might become tough for a digital marketer to find the right content for the website or search for the right audience who would buy their product. In addition, as trends in digital marketing change, marketers have to do everything to keep up with them; else their website rankings would suffer. I hope this article will help you identify and overcome the major obstacles of digital marketing.

Author’s bio – Emma Jackson specializes in content writing, blogging, and exploring new topics. Emma is also a part contributor of GoAssignmentHelp that provides marketing assignment help. She loves to write topics like marketing, education, and assignment services.

5 Obstacles of Digital Marketing

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