5 Must-Have Elements of Every Small Business Website
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5 Must-Have Elements of Every Small Business Website

5 Must-Have Elements of Every Small Business Website

Bangalore is a hub for IT and start-ups and thus it is quite natural that there are many web designing companies here. Finding a good web design company in Bangalore is not a difficult task provided you know what you look for. It’s recommended because they know what to include and what to avoid while coming up with an attractive and pleasing website that can engage the viewers.

Some of the must-have elements of every small business website are:

The Right Platform

There are many platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and Shopify that can be used for designing a website. It’s difficult for a novice to understand which would be the right platform to use for their type of business. Professionals understand the pros and cons of each of these platforms and the reasons why a particular platform would be ideal for your business website. They are also aware of all the features of the platform and can utilize them to the maximum. Though these platforms are easy to use, not knowing their ins and outs can sometimes lead to problems and shabbily designed websites.

Guided Navigation

When a prospect lands on your website, he or she should have the best experience. Designing a website in such a manner that the prospect feels guided all through the buying process makes them feel that they are looked after well. The call-to-action buttons should be ideally placed arising a sense of trust that they are likely to find solutions for the problems or challenges they are looking for and hence motivating them to press them. The whole idea of guided navigation is to provide the best user experience and make them feel cared for at every step.

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Landing Page Layout

The landing page casts the first expression on the visitor or the prospect. If this landing page is designed optimally, the visitors get engaged and decide to explore it further or else they just abandon it. An average visitor makes this decision in a mere 3 seconds and hence you have only that much time to make an impact. A good web design company in Bangalore understands this matrix and follows an above-the-fold and below-the-fold concept while designing the landing page. It ensures that all right elements that can arise curiosity and interest in the user are placed above the fold so that the user feels motivated enough to scroll down and explore further.

Visual Content

The content is still the king, though the nature of content has evolved with time. Today, along with textual content, the visual content is also equally important as it has emerged as a more engaging medium among the viewers. Thus, including some videos and pictures is very important for the website to grab the prospects’ attention. Care should be taken to optimize these videos and pictures and only high-quality stuff that doesn’t slow down the uploading speed of the website should be posted.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

You can’t have a real salesperson in the virtual world to motivate your prospective customers to purchase. Here, the work of the salesperson is done by CTAs. You need to design your website in the right manner and then place the CTAs at appropriate places to motivate your potential customers to take prompt action. The skill of the professional is to place certain incentive-based CTAs in such a manner that they are visible but not annoying, overpowering or distracting.

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Apart from placing the primary CTAs for the prospective buyers, secondary CTAs are also required for indulging the casual visitors. A fine balance needs to be maintained between these primary and secondary CTAs so that the latter doesn’t cannibalize the former.

These are some of the elements that any good website development company would always include in your website.

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5 Must-Have Elements of Every Small Business Website

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