5 Must-Have Elements in your Website’s About Page

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The websites are incomplete and ambiguous without About Us pages. Some of the About pages are so clear that it leaves no ambiguity for the visitors, but some widely neglect this page’s importance.

Do you know, when a customer plans to hire you for the services, how do they check your credibility?

By going to the About page and learning more about you, they can guess about your business.

It covers not only your information but also the insights about your business. Why did you start? How did you start? And what are the milestones of your journey?

So, by filling the white space creatively, you can grab the customer’s attention with storytelling and giving them information about your business.

So, here are the five best elements of your page, and know that the page is incomplete without these factors.

Let’s find out:

  1. Share a Compelling Story

The About Us page is not about you only but your company. So, you shouldn’t waste space by writing your personal story. Utilize the space by sharing the mission/vision of your company, how you started and what caused you to start your business.

Share the images of the founding partners and convey the meaning behind the brand. Keep your readers gripped in a compelling story and share the obstacles you face in building your business.

It’s important because if you don’t give your audience what they are searching for, they might turn over to other websites for the purchase. So, the first tip is to intrigue their attention through a compelling story.

  1. Clear who should be your Target Audience

Every business has a target audience; it can’t be for everyone. So, by keeping your target audience in mind, you can write a thought-provoking pitch by talking to them.

This strategy will also be helpful for your audience when they find out your business relevance according to their preferences.

On the About page, you should also define your audience indirectly. An example can be:

“ If you’re the one who’s tired of your 9 to 5 job and want to quit it right now, then congratulations for landing at the perfect place.”

With these words, they can identify that your business is meant for them. If you’re a web design company in Qatar, you can also target small businesses struggling to have an immaculate design for their website.

  1. Mention details about your Business

In the About Us section, you should make the real deal by adding comprehensive details about your business. It’s where you can guide the path to the people to hire you by adding an enticing call-to-action button.

The details give customers the comfort to hire you because they need to be sure about the business before adding their credit card details.

  1. Brand Personality

This is the only page where you can drop the technical terms and tell what your brand is about. Here, you can also reveal your brand identity as every brand has its own story. Some carry forward a happy tone, while others like to sound like a fashionista.

So, depending upon your brand personality, you can be yourself on this page and share the values that reflect your business with people.

  1. Add your Contact Details & Social Pages

The online business becomes more worthy when you have things to share that make you realistic in the competition. These things are the contact information; name, email, contact no, and office address.

Another important thing is social media pages. It gives wings to your website by telling your audience that you have an active social presence. You don’t need to create your business account everywhere; you can choose only one or two which you can actively run.

Final Thoughts

By adding these factors to your about us page, you won’t only have a clear about us page but also the elements that will easily help your audience trust your brand.

Apart from that, you can also add your team and office photos and prove your existence to the customers.

Remember that, About Us is the page where you can be yourself and interact directly with people.

5 Must-Have Elements in your Website’s About Page

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