5 Much Required Uncomfortable Discussions At Work

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It’s the end of the workplace; companies are becoming more caring for their employees. Even when uncomfortable or thought-provoking, discussions can change the way we function as an organization or as an individual if done in the right way. They help in igniting a meaningful dialogue that can lead to some conclusion and takeaways. 

Every leader is looking to lead with the utmost empathy, vulnerability, and compassion. Every leader wants to let everyone grow and work together in sync even when everything is managed remotely. How is that possible? Only with conversations that can keep the teams connected and to the greater business goal. When they feel cared for and linked to the goals the company has, things change.

In the points below, we share what conversations are appropriate, necessary, constructive, and worth having; keep reading.

What we’re optimistic about and who we’re grateful for at work?
This would not be a really uncomfortable question, but a good question to start with. Gratitude and optimism are essential. You can ask questions like what keeps you excited about the future, colleagues they are grateful for, and one random act of kindness you can do to make their day.

How are we growing ourselves and each other?
Growing oneself and helping others along is one of the most fulfilling things.
Here are some questions that can help you with it- What skill do you want to excel in and why? What are you currently most passionate about learning about? What is blocking you? Tell me how I could be of help. HR and payroll software in India can be used to track your employees’ performance and growth; use it!

How we’re creating a better future for humanity, and this planet, through our work?

So much work needs to be done, starting to question oneself, and the team will help catalyze actions. 

Here are a few questions that can be asked- What actions are you taking? How are you using your influence to shape your company and the community, wider world? One terrible thing you don’t want the future generation to experience? How are you planning to change future reality?

Have you seen/ faced violence at work? 

According to a study, 40-70% of women and 10-20% of men have been subjected to sexual harassment at work. How many do you know? Not many. So, ask, strike a conversation, make people comfortable so that they know that their voice will be heard and understood. Here are some of the questions that can help you continue and begin this conversation to dismantle workplace violence at your office. Ask, Do you think you are compassionate and empathetic? Share any incident, if you like. Have you seen any violence in the work premise? Did you take any action? How are you trying to be more anti-discrimination against racism or harassment?

What exactly is our collective suffering? 
This whole year, a lot has happened, the sudden COVID-19 symptoms, the fear of death, for many have lost their loved ones in a jiffy due to this. The kids are not able to play, and those who lost jobs. Basically, how are your employees and their families physically, emotionally, and financially? Discussing these can help relieve the pain. 

The right questions to start this kind of conversation would look as basic as, how are you today? What has been the hardest for you the past months? What are the challenges you are facing in your personal life? Are they impacting your work? The best you can do without much effort is to give them their salaries timely by processing payroll on a trusted payroll software in India, do that! 

So, let us know what uncomfortable questions would you be asking. If you are using the right HR and payroll software in India, you would carry these conversations even more smoothly via pulse or surveys and then take them forward in zoom meetings later. Let us know some more questions and discussions that can help. These will help set the right tone for work culture and show your employees how much you adore them. 

5 Much Required Uncomfortable Discussions At Work

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