5 Latest SEO Updates And How They Have Affected Your Websites

5 Latest SEO Updates And How They Have Affected Your Websites

Google is one of the most used and most easily accessible search engines, generating some terrific results. These results are displayed due to the ranking of websites, and these results result from optimization in search engines. Google updates its search engine optimization (SEO) protocols every year to get more interactive with the user and stick to being one of the best search engines. With the onset of the year 2020, Google has further upgraded the SEO protocols, and here are some of the major updates that have come about.

  1. Broad Core Algorithm Upgrade: This is an update for the overall algorithm used by Google. This is not intended for particular sites and their contents but comes as an overall update that enhances Google’s user experience. It is generally meant to inculcate the latest important and interesting features to make searching easier for easier. There is no particular way to enhance your ranking in Google with this kind of update. All you can do is to create high-quality content, create backlinks, and so on to shine in a sea of millions.
  2. BERT Update: BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This is a very crucial update that makes way for optimal search results. Instead of solely basing a search on keywords, the BERT update looks into the nuances of the search item’s grammar to make way for a more specific search result for the user’s benefit. This is a useful update from the user’s perspective and is a great way for a website to rank higher by including various instances and scenarios.
  3. Site Diversity Update: This is a clever update by Google that will increase the number of domain websites appearing on each Google search results page. This prevents multiple URLs with the same domain name from appearing on a single search page. The limit is set at two- that is, only two URLs from a single domain can be displayed on a single search page. This is a great opportunity for different domains to climb up the rank ladder and feature on the first page of search results.
  4. Google Mobile Speed Update: This is a particular update that affects the mobile sites of different pages. In fact, this update particularly affects the slow-running pages of different mobile sites. In other words, Google has now included the speed at which a page is loaded as a factor in ranking the pages. The fastest to open pages will be more beneficial and will be ranked much higher than pages running on a sow domain.
  5. Zero Click Searches: Though it is an update from 2019, Zero Click Searches’ potential will only grow further. The name is indicative of the nature of such searches- the user does not have to click on any links. They ask the question, and the readymade answer is displayed on the screen and even relayed through AI such as Siri, Alexa, and Google AI. The sites that come up with reliable answers to different scenarios fare much higher in his regard, and thus the high quality of content is the only way to reach the higher ranks.

5 Latest SEO Updates And How They Have Affected Your Websites

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