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5 Instagram Trends for 2019

Are you interested in what Instagram will look like next year?

2019 is already at the door. And considering how quickly social networks are changing, planning an actual strategy for the coming year becomes an extremely difficult task.

Today we consider the five leading social network trends, which will determine its future in 2019.

Vertical video

Do you remember not so long ago, the vertical video on the network met a barrage of criticism only? How difficult is it to turn the phone while shooting?

However, today is a hot Instagram trend time, which competitors began to copy. Vertical videos are everywhere: live, history and IGTV.

This article is about the new video platform of the social network.

The direction is only beginning to develop, so the peak will just come next year. That is why it is desirable to include the development of skills in shooting and editing vertical videos in the plans.

How to shoot vertical video?

You have several options:

  1. Take a video on the phone or flip the camera
  2. Shoot horizontal videos on the camera, and vertical on the phone
  3. Shoot the video “with a margin” so that you can use both the horizontal version and cut the movie to a vertical format.

However, do not expect that all your videos can be cut for Instagram easily. You cannot make it without preliminary planning of the shot. Important objects should be located in the center

By the way, so that your masterpieces in the Stories were not stopped, use the Inshot or Storeo applications. They will divide the long clips into short fragments for convenient loading into the Storeys and will create a common experience for your viewers.

AR for Stories

The main theme of the Facebook F8 conference was the augmented and virtual reality. It sounds futuristic, but in fact, you are familiar with AR firsthand if you use Instagram masks at least once.

They offer users a fun and memorable experience that makes this social network function an effective marketing tool.

Already, opinion leaders and brands can build up filters of their own in AR Studio.

Such celebrities as Kylie Jenner and Rihanna were the first to take advantage of this opportunity. Their exclusive masks are accessible for subscribers only.

Rihanna allowed users to «shine like a diamond» and while also advertised the yearly Diamond Ball event.

Kylie also created a mask allowing “trying on” the different shades of her branded lipstick and choose the one, which fits the best.

Great news. You may take a new filter if at least some friends of yours among users it in your Stories (you do not need to be subscribed for the author). This feature makes the new promotion format potentially viral.

Offline experience

This year, companies of varied sizes invited tourists to travel. Why on earth? Therefore, that they can easily create impressive content that attracts the attention of users the most to the brand and its products. Among them were Boohoo, Benefit and Revolve. These companies have built up an experience that cultivates a new style of life and invites a targeted audience on an unforgettable journey.

This strategy is effective, but not every brand can afford it. Therefore, on the sidelines, another offline trands began to develop the opening of “museums” and zones for creating impressive Instagram photos.

In America, the Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory have appeared which attract many potential customers who are ready to make payments for fun and unique photos for the social network.

5 Instagram Trends for 2019

Inspired by their example, many companies began to organize special photo-zones in stores, establishments etc.

For instance, Refinery 29 Rooms offered the audience a vast deal of unusual possibilities to engage with the branding and build up unusual content.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure bar is another example, thanks to the photo zone, becoming a place of attraction for fans of exquisite pictures for the social network. Now their account boasts 26 thousands of followers.

Creating a memorable Instagram experience is the most effective strategy for attracting subscribers and customers. Word of mouth (WOM) marketing of sorts, version 2.0.

And not retailers can use it only. For example, the Summer Friday’s cosmetics brand chose Alfred Coffee, a popular Instagrammer, as a partner and developed exclusive holders for their glasses with quotations and brand hashtags.

Instagram purchase

In the year 2018, the social network expanded the possibilities for shopping – there were tags on the photo, in the Stories and a separate tab in the Interesting. What is more, companies can also add links to Bio and History (swipe up).

With a confident pace, the platform is developing e-commerce; it is time to begin exploring the proposed opportunities in order to determine the most effective tools to attract customers to your undertaking.

What else will Instagram offer in the year 2019? Possibly, an ability to add product tags to their posts will be received by the influencers. So, brands will be able to effectively assess the impact of marketing ROI that many companies will appreciate. After all, this trend is on the rise.

If shopping on Instagram continues to attract the attention of users, it is likely that the social network will provide a separate application for shopping.

Advertisement in Stories on Instagram

Over 400 mio people browse stories on Instagram daily. Nevertheless, this format is in the beginning of its capabilities.

A wonderful idea is to begin testing various stories sizes to identify the most effective ones for you. Advertising in Stories is inexpensive and rarely used. Therefore, there is an opportunity to become pioneers in the field.

Adapting core stories content is pretty simple. For example, Revolve just added two banners to the picture from the profile, above and below, added text, emoji, and mentions to the photo. This format will fit perfectly into organic content. Keep in mind that users got used to their friends’ videos and photos in Stories to be available on a daily basis. So that they do not have the desire to immediately skip your ad, make it less catchy, but exciting.

Concerning the hottest trending of 2019, those are about Stories and advert in them. It is better to begin preparing for it this minute.


About the author: Melisa Marzett remains socially active even though she is an introvert by nature. She is fond of reading books but at the same time, she enjoys communication with people especially if she manages to find like-minded people. She does not wear natural fur, she is a citizen of the world, she is pro-active and she loves traveling. Her current work is writing guest articles. Read more

5 Instagram Trends for 2019

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