5 Ideas for a Startup in 2022
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5 Ideas for a Startup in 2022

None of the once spontaneous startups had any guarantees of success. They all started from scratch and without clear perspectives for the future. Successful startup founders are often called superhumans, but they are ordinary inhabitants of this planet who once decided to turn their idea into reality. Naturally, this was not done without certain calculations, preparation and plans.

Some of them were motivated by ideas exclusively about the future “wild” wealth; others set the goal of solving social problems and, at the same time, improving their financial situation. In this article, we have listed some of the interesting ideas for a startup in 2022. They may not change the world, but they can certainly change your business life.

Production of healthy sweets

Awareness of how we eat and what exactly foods we bring into the organization is growing. The terrible pandemic that befell ours only accelerated that. The industry of healthy and organic habits is growing and expanding. You can be a part of it too. Producing healthy sweets is an excellent idea for a small startup in 2022. 

Examples of successful healthy sweets

  • Holy Corn – a natural popcorn, replacing cheap ingredients with natural counterparts.
  • Ice cream without dyes or preservatives with an emphasis on new flavors – high with protein and vegan.
  • Kombucha – a tea-based drink with kombucha brewed at a certain temperature.

Implementation – through cooperation with fitness clubs and health food stores.

The initial costs: you need to buy equipment, and in some cases, an idea. Keep in mind that there are risks – new products may remain unclaimed.

Purchase assistance

Help in buying:

  • realtors (real estate);
  • testers of various types of products;
  • consultants on legal reference systems by organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
  • SMM workers, promoting products and services on social media.

The best development can be found in the shopping business. First, you need to have a developed taste and style. Then, your main task would be helping to keep abreast of new products in the fashion world.

Profit in this type of business consists of the contractual payment of the client and payments from the store.

The shopper assistant should:

  • protect the client from rash purchases;
  • know product prices to adjust the client’s budget.

The initial costs for these types of work are different, but they are all relatively low.

Express delivery

This type of business can pay off in the first six months and even earlier. This is because it does not require large investments, and due to a large number of clients, the profit is high.

Negative factors:

  • in case of loss of orders – financial losses;
  • relative dependence on climate;
  • the difficulty of effective work at all stages;
  • high competition.

At the start, you need to decide on the cargo, coverage area, and delivery method. At the beginning of the journey, it is better to limit yourself to one settlement.

You will need:

  • equipment for loading and unloading operations. The one thing that you will need is a forklift. So, convenient forklift hire will be the best solution, especially in the beginning.
  • warehouse;
  • car park.

The costs and the effect largely depend on the chosen delivery method:

  • Pedestrian courier – minimal. Suitable for the delivery of small parcels and correspondence in small towns.
  • Courier with a car – costs increase, the number of orders and revenue increases. Profit growth depends on the ability to stand out.
  • Bicycle mail is a slightly more mobile method compared to a pedestrian, you can use a trailer to a bicycle, but in case of precipitation, it is not a very convenient view.
  • Round-the-clock delivery – less competition, higher staff costs. When promoted – getting additional profit at the expense of new customers, faster night service.

Sewing clothes for pets

The clients of your startup business would be: 

  • for the cold, winter season – the owners of smooth-haired pets,
  • and for the summer and rainy season – the owners of all animals.

Skills of sewing and creating patterns are required. In their absence – you should hire personal.

You can sell tailored goods through:

  • retail outlets (mainly if things are made according to standard sizes);
  • the corresponding atelier (custom tailoring);
  • combination of individual orders with standard ones.

When carrying out partial or complete individual tailoring, you need to rent a room with communications. In addition, you will need a sewing machine, patterns, scissors, rulers, a table, and chairs for work.

The total cost of equipment is $ 1-1.5 thousand—additional costs: fabrics and accessories. You may have to buy patterns, find them on the Internet, or come up with them yourself.


The cost of starting a business decreases every year; to start, it is enough to have a good idea and a desire to make it work. For your business to be successful, it must embody products or services that are in strong demand. And don’t forget that the business should be run by a person who enjoys doing this job and knows how to do it.

5 Ideas for a Startup in 2022

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